FA040399-3115-4829-BBDA-F0DA97E7DD27E3880795-95FD-46E0-9805-17F4A538FA45368B6E0E-B85F-46CD-AB03-7DA8B6DA99A25071D7D0-CBC1-4B2A-8361-48BAF3147BA09478327E-5A83-40AF-BB94-7B2F13C6B32202AD29DF-CBAA-444D-BE48-10F70A9CCB73UHi gang, sorry about the delay. Here is the basic design. The color of the shirt has yet to be picked but it will be similar yo one of these. A long sleeve will be offered as well as a hoodie. Once I get a quote back, I”’ll be able to determine prices. They should come in at similar Carlisle stuff. UNTIL I POST THE ACTUAL ORDER SHEET, DO ME A FAVOR AND BOUNCE BACK A YAY OR NAY which will help immensely in getting this moving and deliveries in time for Christmas. Keep in mind, I can ship,to a friend or relative directly if you need it. Prices will be along shortly with a tight ordering deadlinrpe if you want for Christmas.
There will be SOYDER shirts acailable if there is enough orders, so let those guys know. I will try to post to the mother dite shortly. Plese respond with your intentions. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Hannah, Ramadan etc. and a Happy New Year

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TheMayoMachine posted:

I have to ask: will women’s sizes be available?

What's "women's sizes"?

A small women gets a small, a medium women gets a medium, a large women gets a large and an extra large women gets whatever the hell she wants 

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