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@WNGD posted:

I don't think I could buy a car from a place called Lingenfelter Motor Sports ....

and this looks way to happy

Lingenfelter is renowned for huge horsepower, OEM level conversions on high end domestic engines. I'd happily own anything they've ever had a hand in. Would you buy a car from Alois Ruf?

As far as the face, though - you're right. That is an unappealingly happy face.

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These comments have been outstanding. It feels so good to be understood. I came to this hobby for the cool, but I stayed for the absurdity. The absurdity of that rig is expert level

... and then you get to this little gem:

@Carlos G posted:

This showed up on BaT. Tow vehicle???

A 1966 Cadillac hardtop (no "B" pillar) with a freaking Cummins turbodiesel from a Ram truck.

The pair of them mash every button I've got.

The Caddy is unspeakably cool, and yes Carlos, it would be the perfect tow vehicle.

The SBC BMW 320i dragster is over the top in every single way - AND it's still street legal. That's right, put some grooved drag-slicks on that baby and take it for a $49 Blizzard up at the DQ.

Out-stinking-standing pair!




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