Update on the AC hose.   Last week I managed to remove the AC #10 hose from the engine compartment to the front wheel well again with the help of a good friend to help along the way. 

It was tightly wound and clamped in the maze of conduits going under the RRear wheelwell, rocker panel to the RFront wheelwell. 

I could not pull it out easily so I slowly traced it and identified it then used an Olfa knife and sliced the hose repeatedly to shred it and cut it off section by section.  It took quite a while but in the end I got to the front of the car with only the tie straps remaining empty of the hose.  

I was then able to pass the #10 Eaton Aeroquip hose which is substantially smaller through the path that was now open and tie wrapped it in place. 

I still have the last bit to do but it is coming along. 

Mike just to even frustrate you more I actually realized that the AC existing hose could have probably been cut and a custom ferrule could have been welded and pressure tested to relieve the stress on the connection. 

You would think this type of info could have been suggested by the AC guys from the start with 30 years of experience but no the newbie here figures it out.  

You have to laugh at yourself sometimes or you'll cry.  

It is hard for most of us to think outside of the box most times in our own area. 

3B40B78A-AE6F-4A2E-943E-E5EF088A7F899C4D6880-2C1B-4474-87F9-9179D83D3E37Well I am moving along very slowly here is the engine end done with the special crimp plyers for ezquip and the smaller O.D. Allowed me to easily, well more easily fish it to the front .




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That plug in the engine compartment is a remote plug in for a battery conditioner.  It was permanently installed by IM and it developped an issue and then I wanted to install a subwoofer under my back seat so it had to be removed.  Now I simply have a cable in the Frunk that is easily plugged into by the conditioner and easily removed. 

The plug remnant I have yet to remove but the heat of the engine makes the cover soft so it flaps open.  Not sure why I left it but maybe because I was thinking if the bracket might be useful for something.  In April it will be 5 years since I picked up my car.  Wow, time flies by. 

Gotcha. I put a 12v pigtail under the dash for a battery maintainer. The 110v part hangs off the ceiling in the garage.

Baaaaaa, My top is up most of the time so I did the same thing but I have to open the Frunk.  

That is a neet idea for a spyder.

I run the wire under the tonneau and/or the car cover.

You could just leave the window cracked a tiny bit for the wire.

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