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Gordon Nichols posted:

Makes your phone a "Not-so-smart" phone then, huh?

We have mandatory yellow alerts etc on our phone I actually want to go back to a plain phone and use a smart tablet .   They call or alert in the wee hours of the morning.

The left wingers here don’t believe in giving you choice or allow you to use your phone as a. Alarm clock.

IaM-Ray posted:

Anyone use this product ?  Red Angel  @Stan Galat

Stop leak solutions for refrigeration systems are a last-gasp effort for when a leak is buried in a cold wall or some place where the entire thing would need replaced to fix it.

You know where your leak is, and it's on a hose. I would never recommend putting something into the system that could (and in all likelihood, would) restrict or plug the metering device (TXV). I know you don't want to, but just replace the hose, or add gas as needed to top it A/C system off. R134a is about $3/lb wholesale, and I'll bet your system holds less than 3 lbs.

You may do as you wish, but quick fixes almost never work.

Well it goes from the engine, under the rocker panel with other hoses and coolant hoses, then via the wheelwell, then under the dash and it is tied at every point.  So while it can be done if I can make a small patch hose,  if there is not enough hosing left after I cut the end off, it could be much easier.  Then again, your right in that I need to evacuate it and after it is done recharge it.   Just a lot of fun, like carbs  

Update on the AC fix.  

I was able to find a supplier near Bob who carried this new line so I bought enough to change the hose from under the dash to the engine compartment. This hose was a #10 but I bought the straight connectors like below. 

@David Stroud IM Roadster D Thanks for the recommendation of your mechanic in Stittsville who recommended Vern Hinton nearby who was able to get me a Male end and cut the old hose end and weld the male fitting unto my compressor metal aluminum hose. 

Here is his really neat weld and after I reattached it to the AC compressor.  You can see the plastic bag to seal it till I get at it. 

Next a complete hose change and run it to the AC underdash unit. 


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My issue was the #10 hose with the normal crimped fittings was being torqued continually and eventually leaked so it seemed fruitless to just repeat it and leave the stress on the new fitting. 

So this fitting below was cut and welded to the compressor end.  Now I can use the new flexible hose which will have no stress on the end connectors.  BTW the new DIY connectors are pretty neat and the bonus is I can fix it myself. 


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