Tried to adjust the Aero mirror on the door of my Vintage Speedster and now know why these mirrors are mounted at an odd angle instead of having the base horizontal. You can only rotate the mirror on the arm, but cannot swivel it in three dimensions. 

Is it just my reproduction mirror that is like that? Or are all Aeros the same way? 

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Apparently the aero mirror on my Vintage Speedster, and probably other reproductions as well, is a cheapo version--so the mirror part only rotates. I just bought a better quality aero mirror from Sierra Madre ($77) and it swivels in three dimensions. Now I can mount the base horizontally, instead of the original odd angle, and still get a good view of what's behind me.

I wasn't going to post this but this thread pushed me too far...

I recently purchased a "German" aero-mirror from Sierra Madre Collection, I'm a vendor so receive a discount but still, the mirror (convex) was over $100. The mirror is retained in the frame with a piece of teflon-plastic and has 6 tabs that retain the glass-keep it from moving/wiggling. 2 tabs were broken and the glass was ready to fall out.

I returned it with photos and an explanation of the problem.

A week later I received mirror had 3 broken tabs and yes, the glass wiggled!

I called, explained my consternation with the problem which now had escalated to a..."thing" and they shipped another one.

The clerk then informed me that though they advertise them as "made in Germany" and the mirrors are stamped "made in Germany" on the mirror itself, they are not made in Germany. He didn't know where they were made but I have my suspicions they're from the land of won-tons and Peking ducks...

I really didn't want to post this but feel compelled to inform...

A few responses:

"Where's the quality control these days?": It's not a matter of QC. The inexpensive mirrors are used to save money. For a builder, every penny adds up. 

The mirrors might be a simple swap, but that was not my objective. I'm moving the new mirror on the door so the base sits horizontally, instead of at the odd angle that came with the car. That odd angle was necessary because of the stock mirror's lack of adjustment. The new mirror has plenty of adjustment and can be mounted the way it would on a real Speedster.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Sierra Madre. I got lucky and my mirror, which was flat and not convex, seems to be fine (so far).


Well, while we're on the subject...

The last convex mirror I ordered from Sierra Madre turned out to be a standard mirror in a box labelled 'convex'. I compared it to the first 'convex' mirror I got from them and the reflected image wasn't the expected wide angle view.

I returned it and they sent me a replacement that WAS a convex mirror.

So maybe the lesson is that either the mirror supplier's or Sierra Madre's QC ain't what it should be. In any case, caveat emptor.



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