Forget the fact that this is a terrible car, and forget the fact that the engine is in the wrong location. does anyone have any any comments about mounting an AC unit in the trunk (upfront) and just running some hidden ducts into the cabin like in this vintage air setup? I know I will lose trunk space, not too bothered about that though...


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Sorry, but I don't understand.  You show an a/c compressor in the front trunk with no means to drive it.  I understand wanting to place the a/c condensor in the trunk, much like some Subi guys put an engine rad in the trunk.  The compressor will need to be belt-driven off the engine.  Will the engine be in the front trunk also?  Possibly I am missing something.

The Vintage AC compressor in my IM is on the subie engine.  The AC fan unit is under the dash, piping to ducks in the panel and the condensors two of them are on both side behind the front headlights with fans.  I hope that helps. 

P.S. so you can imagine the length of the AC hoses are not for the faint of heart. 

Hi Richard, 

I put the evaporator and cabin fan in the battery box (moved the battery into the nose). Four 2.5" air tubes run the cool air into the cabin. Two outlets in the dash and two under the dash. There is no air recirculation, it's all fresh, hot air coming into the evaporator, but... 

The condenser and fan are located in the space between the firewall and the back seat area. It's angled slightly downward and blows air to the rear of the car.

Compressor sits above where the distributor used to be (switched to electronic). 

Here's a link to my build thread. You might have to search it for both AC and air conditioning. I gave updates at various times over the last year. If you have any questions please let me know.


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