I am looking at installing air on a speedster the kit is about 1600 what are the pros and cons on this. It doesn't look like a bad install.

Please advise.

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The a/c units for these puts a significant strain on the motor in terms of power consumption. You'll need to be running a 2110 at least to make up for power loss. Also the efficiency isn't what you'd call great. However, we have many members here who have a/c and many of them have had cars with and without. They may be able to tell you more definitively what the pros and cons are.

@Smith423 I don’t own a speedster YET!!! But i’ve Done some extensive research on this subject in particular. A/C takes about 10 horses off your power... 1600 about 90 hp... so 80 with A/C on. Depending on your location I hear some guys who have actually removed the A/C because with a car meant for top down driving... They never needed it. I drove a speedster in Hawaii and wouldn’t really see the need for A/C in such a climate... but LA, Or Arizona... I would want one especially if it’s a daily driver. Yes, the sun could be blocked by the top but with the top up it’s like an oven with that engine heating up the interior.

Vintage Air seems to be the go to for speedster A/C systems.

good luck! Hope it helps!


Our VS was built in 2016  with air on a 1915 cc engine. We live in Modesto CA.,Think 100degree + in the summer.fullsizeoutput_9a1ffullsizeoutput_50e1fullsizeoutput_50d7  We seldom drive with the top up.  I've never noticed the engine temp going up dramatically with the air on.  Haven't used it in city traffic.  Going down to the 2018 SLO gathering we used it for awhile with top down as my wife was starting to feel overheated due to the close to 100 degree heat near Paso Robles. The effect on the engine power seams to be negligible at freeway speeds.  We bought the car with 1200 miles on it with factory installed air.  Wouldn't have ordered it new with air due to price  ($2300)  But feel it is a nice thing to have


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@Bob Hampton gorgeous ride!! I love that center placement of the air and radio underneath. Very sleek and tidy. And I see your Cruzin windows 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

You say you bought it used with 1200 miles... Where did you find it? Was it posted on this site? Friend find? Classified ads? I’m just making sure I cover all bases when I decide to seriously Join the madness



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