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Has anyone ever looked into what Mann/Knecht/Mahle paper filter woukd fit into the standard CB/EMPI Weber/Dellorto air filter housing?  I looked for a while on the Mann site and all their listings are by application/Vehicle. Nothing that lists dimensions. 


The original Knecht 356 filters were oil bath/metal gauze, not paper, correct?





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I used/use these on both my EMPI and Weber Idf carbs. K&N e-3341. Fits in the housing... as well as inside the metal screen if you use the vintage speed or flat4 old school reproduction air filter cases.

Just run a search for a “Replacement paper or Cotton Gauze Oval Air Filter Element 4.5 Inches Wide x 7 Inches Long  X 3.5 Inches Tall”, or “Weber idf 40 replacement air filter”

I like the cotton gauze because they can be washed and re-oiled.... I had a paper filter light on fire a couple years back.  No fun.

happy shopping

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Be cautious as to what paper and gauze cone filters you use (the el cheapo types from eBay etc.) you can hold up to the light and see through them. I recently watched video of a Honda motorcycle that ran those cheap cone filters and the engine was about done and when the Tech pulled apart the plastic air cleaner housing on the inboard side it had tons of dirt in it that had traveled through the "filter" and much of that did the engine in. 

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