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Hand-shaped 16 gauge (.050) 5052 aluminum, $750 plus shipping.


Comes unfinished, blocked to 400 grit, ready for paint, with installation/mounting instructions and two pins on steel plates pre-drilled for rear mounts. Front mounting is up to you.


These should fit all Beck, Vintage, Thunder Ranch and similar 550 replicas based off Chuck Beck's original molds. No good for CMI, original Spyders or Spyder Factory, 502 Moterworks etc.


If you contact me with measurements I will make it to length so you can use your existing tonneau studs in the front. Otherwise it will likely come short of those, and you'll need to install new Tenax studs or nut-certs for thumbscrew mounts.


These are made to look and work like the original item. Pictured here is the first one I've made; I've adjusted the buck to make subsequent ones fit better.


I am planning to make a few over the next several weeks. Order soon and have it installed for the 2021 spring season.


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