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Yes, a speedster in aluminum is a little bit over kicked I think. It will worth if you value the craftsmanship and nothing compared to original cars. A hybrid which doesnt make sense the effort.

So far the American Roadster is the favorite. The Gmund car will be good for one individual customer who has balls enough to go into this project with us as this will be not cheap, but exclusive.

For the Speedster hardtop it can be done without any problems. We could do a basic shape in aluminum or fiberglass which has to be trimmed to each individual car. Cant be done as an out of the box product. Second challenge is how to fix it to the tiny wind screen frame. Has to be studied very carefully, if not it can turn to a "speed brake". The cabriolet hardtop would be a nice example to work with.

If it were me (and it's clearly not- you have skills I'd give a finger for), I'd keep making spyders.


I'd round out my offerings with accessories for replica speedsters. Hardtops are what people keep asking for, but the turtle-tops with helmet fairings would be great as well. Single fairing, double fairing, no fairing- there are 3 possible configurations. The shape is standardized as well, so you could bang them out ahead of orders.


Also desirable would be an AL deck-lid with Carrera louvers. There is a company that makes skins- but selling the deck-lids complete would seem to make a lot of sense.

Here's where practical reality vs. ego inflation kicks in.


An aluminum bodied speedster will, side by side, 'look exactly' like a fiberglass speedster...indistinquishable... and, depending on invisible mechanics, will perform exactly the same...whereas a unique vehicle such as an American Roadster or a Gmund replica will stand out in crowd screaming "Hey, look at me!!"


After all, isn't THAT EXACTLY what this madness is all about?

It depends on why you own a Speedster? Or for that matter any Porsche or Replica of one. I'm a member of the 356 Registry & PCA and currently own BOTH original 356 and a Speedster Replica. I've owned over 25 Porsches and have owned and driven them since 1970. Many snobs in both the 356 Registry & PCA look down at those who drive Replicas, but the reality is that for those who grew up with the 356 & early 911's it's about the driving experience NOT the staus or the value of a particular Porsche. When I got my Speedster replica many of my friends were apalled but those who knew why I bought one understood. First my first Speedster a 1955 Pre A cost me $1,100, my second another 55 I bought in 1974 $3,000 and my last a 1958 I bought for $8,000 in 1984. For me spending in excess of $250,000 for another original Speedster is insane! I have a friend who owns a Concourse 58 Speedster and is terrified of considering actually driving it on the street. If I or anyone whats to enjoy a Speedster for what it WAS not what's it's worth or to bloat one's ego by showing how anal one can keep one, there is little choice. Don't get me wrong I DO appreciate a finely restored car but keep in mind what it's purpose was and is! When I drive my Speedster replica it has much the same "feel" as my Originals and was reasonable to buy and carefree to drive! After all isn't that why we buy a car in the first place? 



I wrote a check when I bought my replica or I could have written a check to buy a real, but gently used 911, but it would not have given me the same pleasure as I get when I drive my replica 356. In my opinion this is the look that started it all and I imagine I'm in 1957 cruising the boulevard when I'm out in my Speedster.


As you and Stan both mentioned, I bought the car to drive it, not look at it sitting in my garage. I take as much care of my replica as I would an original, because I want to enjoy it for a VERY long time.

Back "in the Day" we had fun making our Speedsters personal. With our replicas the same is true! Obviously everyone has their own idea what their perfect Speedster is. The other day I took out my 1958 356A  "Super" Coupe (in Euro spec) I spent over 10 years in a ground up resto from the bare metal up and carefully with lead as in the Factory. When I got Home I got in my Replica Speedster and drove off and even though my Speedster is worth 1/10 of the value of the "Real Deal" I enjoyed driving it MORE! In fact I drive my Speedster MORE than my 2013 Boxster S! There IS NO other more "Pure" Sports Car. (well maybe a 550 Spyder). Let me tell you a true story. In 1974 I had my second 55 Speedster and I used to drive down to Bob Smith Porsche /Audi in Hollywood Ca. I visited a salesman named Ron Ramage who had a real 550 Spyder and I would pine after his 550. After we chatted awhile I went to drive up to Griffith Park and my personal race track in the Hollywood Hills! As I drove down the Dealership driveway and entered Cahuenga Blvd I noticed another Black Speedster coming twords me and obviously turning into the Dealership. As he turned in and I out he smiled and gave me a thumbs up as did I to him! It was a kind of understanding among Speedster owners (remember in 1974 Speedsters were nothing more than beat up OLD Porsches no one cared about much) who didn't care if we drove OLD Porsches. I looked at the big smile of understanding on his face and then I realized it was a face no one would not know, it was Steve McQueen who had JUST bought back his old Speedster from Bruce Meyer and was going to have it brought back to his personal preference. He had sold it a few years earlier for $1,500! Needless to say I was in Speedster Heaven! I STILL grin when I remember that day! 

Ok, guys. After looking over photos and materials available on internet I took my decision and will go for the AMERICAN ROADSTER. Its a great looking car and we have the big advantage to have all the man power and tooling to do it like or Spyder...just perfect:


- Aluminum body.

- It will be build based on a original 356 Porsche Coupe.

- Owners Porsche 356 can be accepted.

- Advantages are on the hand like Porsche engine, suspension, will be still a re-bodied Porsche 356 and the feeling to drive still a Porsche


Next step is to find and scan one to start with a computer model and I am sure some member can help me out with that....or not?

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