Not very often that I have two Black Vintage Speedsters in a row, but I do.  The first one sold in 24 hours, this one is priced lower than the first one, so if you're seriously interested don't wait or it may be gone.  All of the details along with pictures and videos can be seen on my website

Here are a short walk around video and Sally and I taking a 13 minute foothill cruise.

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I've posted this several times before, but here it is again and it's in your other thread.Hot Rod

I'm in California, so my cleaning method may not work for everyone, but in the several years that I owned my first Speedster, the Blue Super Widebody, I'll bet I only used a bucket and hose on it 4 times.  Avoid spraying water on your car at all costs. It also ends up inside your tail lights, your license plate light and lots of other places you don't want it.

Since most of these cars don't have a choke and need to be warmed up for a couple of minutes, I would pull it out of the garage and go over it with a California Duster.  I would then use a detailer spray and microfiber cloth to get off any bird dropping and minor bug splats.  On the rare occasions when there were lots of bug splats, I used a warm damp cotton towel and a dry towel to melt them off.

By then it's warmed up and I drive away, while being very careful to avoid driving through any puddles and slowing way down if I couldn't avoid one.

The detailer spray I currently use is Surf City Garage Hot Rod.  It is a synthetic and contains no wax.  I get it at Pep Boys or Walmart

Like I said, it works here, but not as well in a lot of other locations. 


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