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@Impala posted:

The wheels look way too big and somehow the stance is not right. It’s sitting too high and looks like a Baja Bug; not sure if it’s the photograph angle but the proportions look all wrong.

So maybe it's just me and Ricardo... but most of the flared speedsters out there work really, really hard to "fill the wheelwells", and end up with cars that ride way, way too high, at least to my mind's eye. This car is a classic example of that.

A classic-bodied speedster with a nice stance has no more than an inch of sidewall showing from the top of the rim to the bottom of the rear wheelwell, and the front set so that the bottom of the door is about level.

When a car has the wheels pushed out so far that the tires cannot tuck under the fender, it can't get dropped low enough to look menacing. I realize that the shape of the wheelwells is different, but the tires can surely tuck under them. For reference, see the flared Walter Röhrl car Ray linked the other day:

Walter-Rohrl Roadster-Turbo

That looks great. Putting jumbo wheels on a car, then jacking it up so that everything clears makes it look like a Shriner car.

I'm not sure why most guys building a flared car can't see it or fix it.


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  • Walter-Rohrl Roadster-Turbo
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