Hi all,
Wondering if there are any speedster/coupe owners are in Portland.
I started the process to buy one but love to see and maybe drive one before I do. Hear unfiltered owner’s point of view.
I own a original couple British cars and never a replica. 
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She's probably the most knowledgeable.  She lives in Medford and is a TOTAL motorhead.  Best found on the Speedster Owners site on Facebook (she doesn't post on here).

The member search function on here shows a bunch of members in/around Portland.  Go to the black band up above, click on "members" then advanced member search, select United States and where it says "exact" click on it and select 50 mile radius and enter a Portland zip code like 97212.  That should do it for you.

Why don't we get in touch after the snow/ice is over. I have a 2012 Vintage Speedster, silver with red interior. Around 4000 miles in excellent condition.  I keep it garaged.


Pdx356 posted:

@robert.m i’d say relatively new but new is ok too.   I feel that a car will demand a price it deserves. Although i’ve never owned a replica. I have a couple British cars. A big healey and E type jag 


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