David, IM gave me a can of Gunk puncture seal with my last car. I have never had to use this yet but as far as I know you still need to jack the car to have the tire be able to fill or inflate itself with air as well as sealer for a temporary fix which will allow you to drive to the garage to have the tire repaired. 

Thanks for the recommendation, Ray.  I need to get a can of fix-a-flat also.

"Part Number: S420-6. The Fix-A-Flat 16 oz Aerosol Tire Inflator seals punctures and inflates the tire in seconds without the need for a jack, spare tire or any tools, allowing you to get off the road and to a service station where an approved repair can be made."

I keep this in the frunk at all times:


I've used it for simple tire inflation, and it works great, but I've never needed to use the fix-a-flat functionality.  The first review on Amazon states that:

1 - it does NOT ruin the tire. you can wash it out, plug, & re-use. others render the tire unuseable after they harden it, no matter how small the hole was

2 - This does NOT ruin your TPM sensor (tire pressure monitoring sensor). Others destroy your sensors & they need to be replaced. You can simply remove, clean, & reuse the sensor with this kit.

Hope that's helpful.

You got it, Marty.  Plugs right into your cigarette lighter.  You can inflate your tires anywhere.  It's basically a normal air compressor with a can of Slime inside.  You inflate normally and then hit the button to expel the patching compound.

Per Ray's concern, that ought to mean that you don't need a jack, either.

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