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Hanover, no, but there is a recently joined member in Woodstock, VT.

I'm in Grafton, just SE of Worcester and ride my road bike up to (and up) Wachusett from time to time.  Spend more time riding my bike than the Speedster, these days.

In addition to those Al mentioned, there's another VS in Burlington (Len Cannizzaro), not far from Peter Venuti and Fred in Mashpee.  All counted (that we know of) there are something like 8 or 9 of us in Mass. now, that get on here, and if I checked the TYP356ne club I bet I would find several more who don't frequent this site.

Al's right - we should all get together sometime in the Spring somewhere central to all of us.  That would be a hoot.

Ditto to what Justin said... I'd like to meet other drivers and more importantly look at their cars!   It looks like two others (Gordon and Justin) are in as well.

I think we'll have enough people to make this happen.  I'm not sure about others but my car is going to be on the road from April 1 to the middle of October.  [I had a fuel leak due to the temperature going below freezing one night at the end of October.  I was lucky my BIL was standing there looking at the engine otherwise I would have burned the house down ]

I'm going to propose we do something in late May or early June.  This gives those of us in colder climates (Maine specifically) a chance to get their cars out on the road and work out any issues after winter storage.

I've been to a few car shows both in and outside of Boston.  Is attempting to organize something in greater metro Boston an idea that is frowned upon?



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