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It's always been designed/advertised as an emergency top.  A new top from VM is same as CMC - header, w bars and tensioners.  They do offer a Haartz fabric top (vs CMC vinyl top).

Heres's FaceBook link to top pictures.

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Rafael in MX makes a folding scissors top that would most likely fit the CMC. Think the current Speedster that DrClock is building has one.  You'd need to remake side curtains most likely. He probably has a link to Rafael's business.

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Outlaw top on 1

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The Rafael ( CFM Fiberglass Mexico), scissor frame carriage top requires their specific header bow , latch system. The scissor frame center bow is higher than normal ( I cut mine down ) top frame  doesn't not sit quite flush when fully folded down  ( mine does now after a lot of reworking ) requiring their quarter boot cover and the top snaps need to be further back on the body than normal if not using their rear bow to body tub mount . It worked out for me as it came with a project speedster but in no way would I buy one outright as it is overly labor intensive.   Greg's Vintage Motorcars top assembly fits the CMC and when installed correctly it is  90% or better watertight. It is also a nicer StayFast material.

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