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My search continues for a speedster. Recently struck up conversation with the owner of Classic Cars Mexico on Facebook. Their pricing seems substantially lower than local builders here in the US. Does anyone have experience with this company? And with importing a car like this to the US? It looks like they mostly export the cars to Europe. I don’t see any bad reviews on them and the owner seems knowledgeable. Any help or thoughts are appreciated.
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There's another guy on facebox that imports Speedsters from MX.  One I saw came completely finished except for the chassis and running gear --- even carpeted which seemed strange.  I'll see if I can find his link.

There are still a lot of inexpensive FF/CMC out there that need some TLC.  I look for one of them.

I would keep investigating the Mexican connection.  It is true that we don’t know of anyone on here that has bought a turn-key car from them, but a lot of that is because we only recommend buying from three or four builders and don’t have any experience  with Classic Cars Mexico.  

Yes, importing may have issues, so check with your state RMV before you commit to a build to make sure it’s register-able in your state.  

Of course, the best thing would be to visit the builder during the build and just before delivery to make sure there aren’t any “got’chas”, but that is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.  

Keep us posted on what you find.  We might all find a new builder!

Quick update. The price for a new completed is less than $23k and he is planning to make 5 a month. That’s, I mean wow. With most builders in the US saying 8-10 months that’s impressive. I’m trying to find someone that has bought one and get their experience. On the surface the owner seems responsive and polite. still no luck finding past buyers.

Do not confuse Classic Cars Mexico  company with Autos Classicos in Mexico " Rafael " and his company have been around fore a long time. I believe  Kevin Hines has traveled to Raul's Speedster business in Mexico. Their tops are made from a material called "Sonneland " it has some stretch to it. Their interiors are different too. Someone here on the OC resides ii Texas and has had dealings with Rafael.

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