Hi fellow speedsters,

I have my eyes on a set of 17" fuchs for my CMC speedster widebody, but can really find any pictures of someone on this model.

Anyone running 17" fuchs on a CMC widebody?

Thanks and cheers:-)


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@niels skovgaard

Neils, I couldn't find any pics of wide body CMC running 17" Fuch. Quite a few wide body CMC with 15" Fuchs

For a matter of visual reference, these pics are of SOC member in Arizona, with 17" Fuchs on his normal fender Speedster.

Click on pics to enlarge...


Here's a pic of another SOC member (Kevin Zagar, owner CoolRydes Customs) with 17" Fuchs on his normal fender Speedster).


Hope this info is helpful for you!


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IaM-Ray posted:

Is it just me, but it seems the wheels are too big and the car is on stilts 

If the car is lowered right down around them and tire sizes aren't too outrageous (still around 24-25" diameter) then (I think) it works. And yeah, the wheels themselves are a little large, but if they're completely polished or chromed with no painted accents then they don't draw attention to themselves. Al

IaM-Ray posted:

Is it just me, but it seems the wheels are too big and the car is on stilts 

Not just you Ray.  I think they are too big for traditional style Speedsters and detract from the vintage 1950s look of the traditional body Speedster.  Low profile tires detract even more.

17" wheels with low profile tires look great on modern day Porsches and I think they look OK on a widebody Speedster.

Bob: IM S6 posted:

17" wheels on a Speedster can look okay, depending on the tires chosen.

For example:  


At least that's what I hope, as my wheels are on order.  

There is a BIG difference between those Empi 17" wheels and the wheels in your Flickr IM photo.  The spokes on the Empi wheel are much longer and the spokes on the Flickr IM photo are normal size.  To me, that's the problem with the Empi 17" wheels, the spokes are too large.

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Those are the wheels that Kirk had custom made for the Vintage Widebody and Super Widebody cars.  They are the nicest wheels out there for a Vintage widebody car, I don't know if anyone has ever fit them to CMC or FiberFab flared cars.

@BOKURI- Not seeing pics 2 & 3 of your last post...

Edit- found them- clicked on the show button for attachments on the bottom of the post.

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