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Driving to lunch last Friday and my engine commenced to running on only two cylinders. Assuming that it was plugged idle jets; I limped on I was close by. Strange thing was that I had a very high idle.

Upon inspection it was obvious that the carburetor linkage had come loose on the left side. I could move the arm on the hex bar with one finger. It had moved over a couple of inches and would not allow the left carb to open. The arms are drilled and tapped for two set screws but mine only had one screw each. Problem remedied.

Ya'll check your screws

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Funny story (not really) but I had a similar issue right after I bought the car. I didn't know that (with the Spyders at least) that the stacked carbs over manifolds can make the linkage loose.

After a run, about a mile from my house.... the car sputtered, rev'd high and then not at all, then puttered out. This was before I was carrying tools with me so when I saw that the stack was loose and the linkage wasn't working, I had to McGyver it together with one of my wife's hair rubber bands.

We got home with that and then I was able to tighten everything down. On my yearly checks, I absolutely make sure that it's tight.

" Mc Gyver "  A group of us were heading home from a N.J. Balloon Fest Air Show at night , one of the speedsters rolled to the side of the road.....broken accelerator cable.  I gathered shoe laces from a few others there...tying them together and pulling on the shoe laces for throttle was a bit of a jerky ride but got the job done.

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