Well, the Fall colors in New England are supposed to be quite spectacular.  So much of the color is due to timing and weather and climate, so some years are muted with a lot of grays and browns, while other years are like this year when things really pop in a hurry.  My Mom and Dad had an RV for years and often said that "you can ride all over New England to see Fall color, but the best is right here in town!"

A week ago, everything was still green and we were all wondering where the color was and then, POW!  Seemingly from one day to the next it just happened.  Still a lot of green around, but we found a street near my son's home that looks really nice:



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Nice. We were wondering the same thing. Upper nineties last two weeks in upstate South Carolina so the leaves were still green. Funny thing is that they still started falling of the trees like the are supposed to this time of year.

That's the one thing I miss. All the trees turning in the fall in north Minnesota ! It is just outstanding beauty ! Everyone should experience this and the Northern lights at least once in their life !  Thank you for the pics !  Please post more if you like !.....Bruce

@sethsaccocio, I'm down the hill from you in Charleston (actually Mount Pleasant).  You most definitely should join us next fall for our southeast gathering in the mountains.  I just couldn't pull it off this year.

EDIT:  almost forgot, you should join Ron and Maddie Mullis (Blue Angels-inspired Beck Spyder), along with me, at the Cars on Kiawah show in April.  I expect to have the Beck Super Coupe by then.

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I'll be scooting around town later, putting up signs for a local Harvest Festival so maybe I can get a few more photos to post.  It's supposed to be super-windy towards the weekend so this color may be short-lived.  

Well, we've made it through an Autumn in New England "Nor'Easter" with very heavy wind and downpours for two+ days so a lot of the pretty foliage has been blown right off, but we're at as much of peak color as we're gonna get, so here you go:

Last Foliage video of the season for me, this time of the street where I grew up on the Northeast side of town.  Both sides of the road were my Grandfather's farm and we're heading south from Mass. RT 30.  Unfortunately, it's overcast, making the colors muted, but still pretty.  

Like driving through a yellow tunnel.


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