Does anyone know the exact correct length the axle shafts should be for an IRS, with a bus tranny conversion?  It uses the larger bus CV joints at the tranny and the  beetle IRS joints at the hubs with the larger splined reciever for the larger OD axle. Also, the EMPI sand rail axles made for this purpose don't have a stop on the splines for the inner sleeve to butt up against, just the snap ring outer groove.... 

Speedster Jim, Buffalo NY

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Typical IRS conversion axles are 15 7/8 or 16".  Not having the shoulder is not an issue.  The conversion axles have a lot of spline and float on the cv joints.


As a side note, when narrowing IRS, these axles have plenty of spline to narrow the axles to the required length.  Just take an even amount off each side and cut a new circle grove.

Musbjim, too funny.... I ran into a problem like that once when I googled "Die Cast Models" looking for a specific motorcycle model.  Wow, Die Cast in german must mean something really weird! 

   LI Rick: Thanks! I just wanted to be sure my new axles would do the job.   Getting closer every day! I hope this weather hangs around all winter as it is in the 40s here in Buffalo today and even warmer tomorrow! And, I'm not traveling for work for a full week!   HoooooooRay!!

This is what I did for a Bus trans into both a Sandrail and Baja. IRS suspension.

Get the axles, Cvs and Stub axles from a 944, same as a VW Thing. The stubs allow for the larger 100mm cvs, same as the cv on the trans.  Make sure you center the bus trans on the carrier by measuring the flange to flange. Do not use the seam on the trans as a guide, it’s offset.

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