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I have a Centennial Battery 26-75 500 CCA that isn't holding a charge for very long. It is a liquid acid battery and I prefer to replace it with a sealed gel-type chemical battery. Has anyone found a good sealed gel battery that is 26-75 and fits within the confined space for the battery?

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Odyssey offers a mounting/hold down bracket that fits the 680 size package.

I just bought the Odyssey battery and bracket at the same time from Amazon and mounted the bracket right to the front wall of the battery well in my CMC.  It's a little busy in there, but you get the idea:



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Answering your questions, the Odyssey mounting bracket must be ordered separately.  It's about $35 bucks

I have been starting my 2,110cc engine with that Odyssey battery for about ten years, now.  It cranks over quickly and starts right up.  

OK on your rear mounted battery.  You'll have to decide if the Odyssey mounting bracket makes more sense for you than just making a simple bracket like Lane did.   My only caveat would be that the bracket, which-ever you use, should hold the battery firmly (either vertically or horizontally) but not squeeze the case excessively, as that risks the possibility of rupturing the case and THAT isn't good.  You can certainly drill holes in your existing battery hold-down bracket(s) to accept your new bracket for the Odyssey.

BTW:  If you have regular SAE battery posts on your old battery, you need to buy the SAE conversion kit from Odyssey so that your battery clamps will work.  The kit also costs around $35 bucks (that amount must be a "thing" with Odyssey....)

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