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@DannyP after reading here about starters.....i cant help but chime i get in another subtle dig at john boy....dr jekyll in his infinite wisdom used a cheap gold colored china made large diameter starter in my $40K car.... along with i'm guessing a very inexpensive save costs i guess, which i can almost understand....neither of which lasted a entire year.....i replaced both with BOSCH units which i believe are a quality product and they have been turn key since...i have learned in many cases in life , you get what you pay for....just words to the wise IMHO....happy motoring

Ok, I blame this thread for my recent misfortune. Yesterday, my 3 year old Bosch SR15N starter (don't hit with hammer!!!) quit working. My cursory examination is that it's just the solenoid (no voltage drop at the solenoid connection when the starter is engaged).

I replaced it with a gear reduction, high torque IMS-1101 starter that our island's VW parts store had in stock (amazingly). Works fine so far. It was rebranded as an EMPI part.

@Robert M posted:

Engine heat, exhaust heat, or any other source of heat causes the starter to get really hot which affects the solenoid causing it to not work which in turn causes the starter to not work.

Not to work at all?

I have a recently rebuilt Bosch. (By the local auto electric guy, not a Chinese factory) When I turn my car off when it’s hot, it sometimes acts like I have a low battery. Only once has it absolutely refused to start (my battery actually was low on that one, but also hot) Luckily I was two houses away from a friend’s, so I just went and hung out for a few minutes.

I ask because this only happens when my car is fully up to operating temp.

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Yes, heat soak makes the starter either not turn, or turn so slow that it appears you have a dead battery.

In a Spyder(for those with Speedys), the starter is directly above the cylinder 1-2 exhaust pipes, as being mid-engine, that's the way the exhaust must go out the back.

Changing only the starter and nothing else cured mine forever(currently at 16 years of IMI-101 bliss).

I had the heat soak problem with my Bosch SR15N starter in the speedster. It never failed to start, but it would spin very slowly and pop the breaker I have on the battery. It no longer does this because the lousy thing finally stopped working altogether.

Since I've just done the research, here's the lowdown on type 1 high torque starters:

- IMI-101 - 1KW gear reduction starter - hard to find -

- IMI-101N -  1.4KW gear reduction starter -

- WOSP LMS1101 - 1KW gear reduction starter -

- EMPI 17-2953-0 (just the WOSP LMS1101 rebranded)

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