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If you want to buy one of the emblems from this website be very careful.  The pictures do not adequately represent the end product and THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS/REFUNDS.  So 1970's of them!

I bought an Outlaw emblem for my new Outlaw Replica but it didn't look like it did in the pictures and certainly did not match the car's 1957 styling,  I did not install it and it is in the same condition as I received it.  When I contacted them to return it - they refused.  Unfortunately I bought it through PayPal and they were useless to resolve the issue.'s only solution was for me to ship it back to them at my cost, they would replace it with the very same emblem but gold colored, requiring a body shop to install.

So Buyer Beware!

If anyone wants to buy an outlaw emblem in sort of shiny black or chrome-ish let me know - it's going for $75 which is a lot less than the $115 will charge you.



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One of my car club buddies purchased from Yourcustomemblem. 

They do not take returns, because they make and sell custom made products.

I product my buddy purchased was perfect, exactly as ordered, he was very happy.

You join SOC and in three posts, one is to blast a company. When ask to show a photo of the protect, no photo. 

Why do you need a body shop, for a double sided tape stick on, that can be removed?

What's up?

Last edited by Roy Simpson, Ex owner FF Plastic Porsche

For Roy's benefit, I only recently joined the forum because I only recently got the car.  As for the double-sided tape, I am only stating what the supplier told me.  He said I could use tape but he wouldn't recommend it.  BTW, he would take the product back in to stock, if I bought the gold version (in stock not custom) for an additional $100.

I am not saying they are bad people, I am just warning folks that if they buy something from them expect them not to take it back.  I am not knocking the product - it doesn't match the styling of my car however.

If you read the Terms and Conditions on the website it states clearly that their products can't be returned, period. 

You have to agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking a box to do do business with them.

If anybody asks you to acknowledge their Terms and Conditions by checking their little box, it's a good idea to read them first. They are usually not there to give you an advantage after the sale.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for the above comments.

We regret that “Verbieten” was not fully satisfied because in his opinion the Emblem didn’t match the style of his car.

We are not to be blamed since from our side, we sent the High Quality Stainless Steel “Outlaw” Emblem (without any defect) exactly as ordered , described and seen in the gallery.

As for PayPal, we appreciate their fair judgment in our favor after studying the case upon ‘Verbieten’ s request.

After PayPal closed the case, and since customer satisfaction is very important to us, we proposed as a good gesture the Gold Plated Emblem at 50% discount. (We knew later on that the “Porsche” Emblem on his car is gold colored.)

To be noted also that we didn’t request to return the Stainless Steel Emblem as mentioned above. 

Concerning the double tape matter, we recommend the Gold Plated Emblems to be installed by a Professional Person. However the double-sided tape can also do the job.

Finally, we would like to thank also all our customers for their trust and would like to share a sample of their feedback after receiving the Emblem. Please find attached.


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  • Sample of customers feedback

It would appear to be quite the hornets nest I have shaken - not my intention just wanted to make people aware that YourCustomEmblem will not accept returns - so if you buy something from them be sure of what you are buying because it is not going back - simple as that.  In different circumstances, I certainly would have benefitted from a post at a site such as this,  stating that fact - it would have caused me not to buy the emblem in the first place.  As a matter of course, for similar items I choose not to buy from any supplier that does not allow a return.  My choice.

I did not say the quality was poor - I did say the product looks different from the picture because it does, so just be sure before you buy.

I do think that YourCustomEmblems could of handled the situation better - but it is their business to run not mine - I have merely learned a lesson (even at my age I still expect to learn), I should have read the terms and conditions more closely but I was a tad excited about getting my car so I didn't.  The lesson only cost me $115 so not too bad.

And there is always eBay


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