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Are you looking for an anti-sway bar?  They are designed for VWs - so pan based cars.  Not sure if they will clear the Beck frame with welded on H-beam.  I know on my pan based CMC I had to cut and reweld my front bumper brackets. Photos show how close it is to H-beam and battery box.  I modified the bumper brackets to clear.  My anti-sway bar is an ADDCO 3/4" bar.  Carey can probably advise if this type bar will fit and clear.  It looks like it would be close.  Maybe try a stock VW bug anti-sway bar first.

There are some for lowered cars with slightly different profile.  Some have also mounted them upside down - which could cause low road clearance.

oops dang sway baroops collision


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  • oops dang sway bar
  • oops collision
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Stock or aftermarket Bug bar should fit if you redesign the endlinks and use a more standard mounting bracket attached to the tube frame. You'll want to add a spacer of some sort to the very ends of the bar where it attaches under the lower control arms, and use just the end one and not the pair you get on a stock bar. It will bit a bit low though.

What a Bug has:

What you want to use under the frame, instead of the inner (larger) bushings above:

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