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I finally got the Spyder out of storage today. There is an old thread here from last year with some pics on it. Here are some taken today with the top and tonneau cover. The top, side curtains and tonneau were in climate controlled storage and are still in great shape. They are pliable bright and don't have any cracking. The windows are still in great condition. The car ran perfectly. Save me the trouble of ebay or BAT and you can have the discounted price of $28.5 for an easy cash transaction.20200731_12414920200731_13113620200731_124048 I am not interested in lower offers. Hurry before hyperinflation sets in


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Hi Nick,

I’m interested in your Spyder, I’m in New Zealand, slim pickings finding something like this over here, but that’s part of the appeal - driving something unique.  

I’m going to look into importing it into NZ in the coming week and what issues there might be registering a LHD to drive on the road.

For the purpose of importing and registering in NZ, is it registered as a 1955 vehicle?

Any chance I can contact you off list via email?


Regards Neil

Not old enough to go to New Zealand and they are familiar with our numbering system, so "registered as a 55" won't work either.

Would love to find out more detail on the car, was it a kit sale and you built it or was it assembled by an outside shop?

Lots of little details that aren't consistent with a factory build, but nothing that looks errant or hard to correct except maybe an unknown metal piece on the clamshell.

Would love to see drivetrain pics and a pic of the factory build tag also.


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