I think the challenge with the 904 is how do you keep from having your foot in it?   Jay Leno said it right, my Aventador is a bit boring, I mean.... cliik click click, and I am flying at over 100mph, and in such a  big wide, large car.  

I got out of riding motorcycles as I needed to always find how fast the thing could go  


You are exactly right.  Even just driving easily, when you slide it into 5th with just the weight of your foot on the pedal it gently cruises at about 100...  and then when your buddy (AKA Randy Beck) jumps all over your a$$ and you drop it into 4th and put the hammer down, you find yourself in the 140-160 range before you know it.  Of course things like this only happen on a closed racetrack with experienced drivers.

Nah, though. Fussing around with radiators in that thing would be a drag. And then all the heat from the coolant lines. And then you want to do A/C and all that, and pretty soon the damn thing weighs 2000 pounds and it's not what it's supposed to be anymore. 

And it still wouldn't be comfy or fun on long highway slogs. . . 

Best thing is to help it be what it has to be, which means a smallish 911 engine or a type 4—unless you happen to have a Polo mill or a 2-liter Type 547/3 loitering on the back bench of the shop.


In a 904, it's got to be a Porsche 6. That's the thing with something like this-- there's not a lot of room to color outside the lines. People expect the 6 when you open the back. Anything less would be a letdown.

That's why I'm glad to start with a more plebeian car and work backwards. A big, bad Type 4 would be my go-to for any replica besides the 904. I kick myself nearly every day for not buying the Raby 2.6L that ended up in Rich Drewk's Beck.

If I had a Polo, I'd put it in an early 912. If I had a 547, it'd have to go in a Spyder. Probably a real Spyder, which means I'd just sell the engine.



We have completed on water pumper, using an 07 GT3 engine with a flipped G50.  Track only car,  and designed with a ultra lightweight aluminum birdcage frame replacing the 304 stainless tub.  It was a test mule project but with just over 400hp at the wheels, and a wet weight of 1500lbs... well, you know the rest.

Due to the ever increasing price on aircooled engines, we are also in the midst of prototyping our GTS with Boxster/Cayman drivelines.  The first Boxster powered prototype chassis is at Chuck's and nearly completed.  Once he's done with it, it returns here for a body and then off to LN engineering for computer work.

It's almost like the 904 could benefit from 4-6" added in the middle for a street car.  I don't think it would change the looks but would allow for "over-size" Americans.  For the street, you're aren't looking for a race car tight fit and not all owners are built like horse racing jockeys.  AC would be mandatory for most in an enclosed car (hey, I'm in humid FL).

@WOLFGANG we added 2.5" over original specs anti bought a ton of room compared tot he original.  Firewall is set back slightly also, BUT you can only go so far back when there's a 3.6L 993 mill sitting behind you.

AC is something we do often, however it requires a "bump out" in the firewall behind the driver and rescues leg room by an inch or so, thus many people go without

I like Greg(Wolfgang's) idea of the Tribeca motor and a 5 speed. I happen to have a 5 speed, and also know where a Tribeca 6 with harness is located. That motor is only 2 inches longer than an EJ25, so AC in a 904 becomes do-able. The big intake in the 904 nose is tailor-made for a watercooled motor. 250 hp stock, cheap, and reliable. I'm sure it could be massaged a bit.

I really want to put that motor in SOMETHING! I don't think it matters anymore what motor you put in any replica.

Yeah, a 993 motor is awesome. 

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