Would anyone want to do a quick one day (or two day, if we have interest)  route and hit a few breweries in the SE Michigan Area or heck maybe a overnight Grand Rapids run.

Several weekends each summer I pick a random breweries (usually a 1-2 hr drive away) to drive to and have a flight of beer and some food. I would think it would be great to roll up with 3-4 speedsters to do the same thing.

Im sure i could plan a route to either start, drive near, or end somewhere close to anyone interested.



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Sacto Mitch posted:


They're right, Marty. It's tough to gain any street cred without giving up Italian designer style.

Maybe a Gucci baseball cap, but worn a little sideways?



@Sacto Mitch your timing is hilarious. My DNA came back yesterday.  I knew I was Polish and Native American/Hispanic.  The unexpected part was that I am more Italian than both those other nationalities.  So, the rumors may be true, grandma Lottie was lonely during the war


So, I am looking into planning a meeting place and a route for this drive. Personal I would like to stay out of downtown Grand Rapids (GR) to some extent just because it’s easy to get turned around and the parking for several cars like ours in one spot might be a little challenging. I am thinking meet outside GR have a late lunch, take a drive along the river to maybe another brewery or two and call it a day. 

Does anyone have a “Must stop” brewery in the GR area. If not I’ll probably pick a few places I know are good, and make a plan. Founders, Atwater New Holland, ETC. are downtown and the parking is not great but I can make that work if I have to. I have been to them all, so I don’t really care.

 Does everyone think they can be in the GR area by say Noon-1:00 on that Saturday? Most of us will have already logged some good seat time by then so, I’m thinking lunch and chill for a few hours to gather the group and stretch the legs. Maybe jump back in the car take ½ hr or so drive to someplace else stop for another drink, and maybe do one more drive/stop. Does anyone want to do a multi day trip?

I plan on making it an overnight trip. I can arrive by late morning. We can caravan from the D, if you like. I’d like to take the back roads and avoid the interstate, though. It makes for a much more pleasant drive.

I haven’t spent a lot of time in GR, but I have visited the Gerald Ford Museum, https://www.fordlibrarymuseum.gov <https://www.fordlibrarymuseum.gov/> which is excellent. I also hear that Meijer Gardens is worth seeing. https://www.meijergardens.org <https://www.meijergardens.org/>

I’m all about meeting folks, driving, talking about cars, and drinking (mostly saved up for the evening when we’re no longer driving). However, a side trip on Saturday and maybe Sunday might entice some right-seaters.

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I was just in GR on Thursday and drove a few roads - 


I think I have a little to much driving on this map (3 hours) so I will probably pair it down a little. Unless people really want to drive that much?

Current plan is to meet a Gravel Bottom Brewery for lunch say noon -1:00 BS till 2:00-3:00 drive for a 1-1.5 hrs stop and BS some more. Make it back to GR for those staying in GR. If people are staying somewhere else or heading back home let me know and I'll try to figure out the best option to peel away from the group.

For those of us coming from the East I recommend taking 21 from St Johns

For those coming from Chicago depending on how you like to drive either 196 or 63 to Blue Star to Lake Shore to Holland to Grand Rapids.


I’m in. I’d also like to know if anyone plans to overnight on Saturday.

I’m sure that we could all make it a day trip, but I think it would be more fun to hang out on Saturday evening.

I spoke with Bill Demeter (buckwheat) and he might be interested. He hasn’t been following the forum because he’s in the middle of building a new house.

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