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Greetings Paul.........The Wind Wings are very popular and do deflect some of the wind coming around the sides of the windshield. They can remain on if you use your side curtains. The Visors must be removed to put the top up. They are attached to the windshield frame with a clamping device which has a contact isolation barrier between it and the surface of your windshield to protect the finish. They are easily installed with the provided Allen wrench and can be removed in one minute while sitting in your seat.

Attached is a photo of them mounted on my Speedster. I included one photo of a red one as well, just to show what else can be done with them.  The price is $215.00.  If you were a Supporting Member on this site, the shipping would be included.........Bruce


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When we go to Carlisle we usually bring a few of my wife's water color speedster or spyder prints for the Saturday night raffle.  Those prints and many others are available printed on glass, metal, canvas, acrylic  or paper.  Matted and framed or not.  I believe they will even do coffee cups, puzzles, t-shirts , tote bags and almost anything you can think of.

Please forgive this shameless Holiday promotion.  I will now say 3 " Hail Marys ".

Here is a link to her web page:

"Please tell me about the wing wind deflectors" - @wombat

I have a pair of the wing wind deflectors and am amazed by the quality and fit of these accessories (as with ALL of Bruce's products). Adds a nice detail to the car. You won't be disappointed!

P.S. As noted by Alan Gallo, Heidi Gallo's artwork would be an excellent addition to your office art!


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