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Hi Gang,

 What is the best oil cooler kit that is the best value vs. performance. The monster 2.8 type 4 I am having built came with a DTM cooling kit that uses the stock type 4 oil cooler mounted in it's own cooling box fed by cooling air that is diverted from the shroud. I won't have the space in the Puma to fit the standard DTM and will need to use a Version 2 DTM. The fan shroud doesn't use the stock oil cooler. A remote electric fan cooled oil cooler is required. So which oil cooler kit is the best bang for the buck ? Thanks in advance.



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I use a MESA 96 plate cooler for my 2165 type 1. I have no internal cooler, I'm running a 911 shroud. I don't know if that will cool a big type4, but it cools my motor just fine. I also use an oil thermostat as well as the electric fan thermostat on the out(back to the engine) of the cooler.

I got it at, back in the early 2000s. It has 1/2" pipe thread fittings, which are plenty large. I put AN-8 adapters in it and run that for all the cooler-side stuff.

"Which is best?" is an easy question: Setrab.

"Which is the best bang for the buck?" Not so easy. I

've got a 96 plate EMPI with a fan. It was pretty darned cheap 15 years ago, and mounts nicely in the LR fender-well-- but I know it's not "the best", but it was adequate for my engines (all of them, even the twin-plug 2276 at 10.6:1 CR) and was cheap, so it offers me (and me alone) the most bang for the buck.

I'd get the biggest Setrab you can fit in the space allocated for it with a giant T4, or perhaps call LN Engineering (who purchased the Type 4 store from Jake Raby a few years ago) and talk to Nicole. I'd ask her for their recommendation on a remote cooler for a big T4.


What Stan said.

A few more notes about Setrab:

Their design and construction is a little more efficient than EMPI, so you will probably get more cooling for a given size of cooler - which is an issue with a big engine in our cars, with pretty limited space for a cooler.

Setrab makes individual fans and coolers, or you can get a 'fanpack', which integrates the two.

This was the largest fanpack we were able to fit in the rear wheel well. Keep in mind that, in addition to the fan and cooler, you will probably have to fabricate and fit some sort of deflector or stone guard to protect the coils from road debris:





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