From what I could tell when I was looking, they were an advertiser of replicas, and they may have even had some of the cars they were advertising.  I never called, because the idea of any dealer having 20 or more replicas just seemed sketchy.

They sell all sorts of vehicles in all manner of conditions.  I even recall seeing them on one of the popular “car flipping” shows on cable a while back.  I can’t recall which one though.

I haven’t dealt with them personally but I find myself looking through their inventory every few months to get a “feel” for the resale market.

About 2 years ago I looked at a partially complete Speedster at an Estate Auction in central California.  I didn’t buy it, mostly because it needed a LOT of work.  I saw it a few months later on that site...with an ENORMOUS mark up!

@alan and @bob

alan so they are not able to sell. Hence kept for years?

@bob I called them when I was looking inquiring about their advertise and said the can build. I figure what they mean is build up a use one towards your requirement. 

I was not comfortable so I moved on

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Reseller of new and used. They leave them on the website months/years after they are sold to get phone calls/leads.

That doesn't seem like an honest business practice - not trimming sold or stale listing on their website. Unless they disclose that fact?

A distributed auto dialer system could be programmed to call their number and leave random inquiry phone calls to tie up their resources until they comply. The same can work with all the incoming scam and phishing type calls. Tie up there inbound calls so the miscreants have to field all the incoming calls. 

Trolling for suckers. They are located in San Diego and are a used car dealer. The implication of their marketing is they are somehow the seller of exclusive high ends automobiles in Beverley Hills. 


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