Big Wednesday at San Onofre

Spent yesterday hanging out at the beach in San Onofre (SoCal) for Big Wednesday (2nd Wed of August). Its an annual VW surf thing. You SoCal surfers already know the deal. Here's a bit of background...

Met up with a few other SOCers (and a hundred other surfers) to chillax, surf, BBQ and check out their cool VW Buses. Here's an overview pic from last year... (Click on pics to enlarge)


MusbJim & Ginny arriving at SanO...


...Desi (SOCer Cabanaboy) and his Westy set-up...


...Desi, MusbGinny and MusbColin waiting for results of surf contest...


...Mark (SOCer Markos) showing his bay-window bus to surf bud, Orlando...

IMG_2868 shot of the gang at Big Wednesday...


...just another day at the beach in SoCal.  



MusbJim - aka; El Guapo, the most guapo hombre in all of SoCal! 


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I must be getting good at identifying you West Coasters, 'cuz I picked Desi out of that crowd of Surfers.  One of my best friends from High School lives in Huntington Beach.  I hope he made it to this event - looks like it was totally WORTH it!  Wish I was there, but someone has to stay on the colder, less-wave-height East Coast!!

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