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Not sure if it's relevant or not, but I thought I'd start a thread regarding suppliers running Black Friday sales:

CB Performance is offering 10% off orders $250 or more (excluding a lot of items) now through Sunday. The promo-code is THANKS.

AA Performance products has a sale running until midnight Sun/Mon. Prices are reduced on the site, with no need for a promo code.

CIP 1 is running a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale through midnight Mon/Tues. Shipping is free on orders over $99, and prices are reduced throughout the site.

Airkewld is running a 10% Black Friday discount now through 10/30/20. I believe this is site-wide. The code is Black20.

I'm sure there are more. If you have any information or codes, this would be a good place to share them.

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I checked over at the Porsche USA site for Black Friday specials, but nada.

You'd think maybe they'd knock ten bucks off a new Cayman S, just to show some holiday spirit. Or maybe toss in a free leather upgrade on the fuse box cover ($380) or some body-colored headlight washer nozzles ($300).

But nah. There are no tidings of good cheer from Zuffenhausen.


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We must assume the stitching follows the same guidelines and will be compatible with the stitching on the 'Upgraded owner's manual wallet in leather' ($560):


"...Free choice of stitching color from all standard leather, natural leather, and special colors. With two-tone leather interiors the darker color will be assigned to the outside leather of the binding and the lighter color will be assigned to the inside leather of the binding (and the stitching if not specified)..."

I think, in that paragraph, I've stumbled upon just the sort of thing that makes the PCA member all warm and fuzzy inside. But it also defines the essence of why I could never be a PCA member.



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Stan, to you or me it's an owner's manual sleeve.

But that's the genius of marketing. You call it a 'wallet', and now you can do it up in leather with color-coordinated stitching, and the perceived value goes through the roof.

It's a little sad to consider that some day, fifty years from now, NOS leather owner's manual wallets will be selling for ten times their current price and the Chinese copies will cost $600.

As P.T. Barnum famously never said, there's an affluent consumer anxious to impress fellow club members born every minute.


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