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I saw that this was discussed years back, and I'm having no current luck on finding a source for black  12 x 1.5 open end, ball seat luck nuts. I did find a 50mm wheel stud conversion, but was hoping to find an option of lengths. I did see that Fiberspeed sells a black lug kit, but since I am running the Vintage 190 wheels, the studs would be too short. Any other suggestions?

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@Eric N posted:

@dlearl476 I actually had the same issue with a set I had ordered from Tire Rack. The step was too big, even with the 190's.

Really? Well that’s a blow to morale. After I mocked up a loose drum with a couple of studs and a spare wheel, it looked like I only needed an 1/8” to make it work.
With the stock width beam on my Spyder, I don’t have room even for a washer behind my wheel.

@Troy Sloan posted:

I do recall that I had to use a 1/4" spacer on each stud to compensate for the step.  I also recall that I had to do a small modification to a rear brake shoe spring to keep it from touching the studs. I added a washer to the back side to pull it in slightly. That problem was only on the drum brakes.

On top of the drum skins? That won’t work on my Spyder. I don’t have the clearance on my front wheel wells. Maybe I’ll reconsider running a die down them and adding 2-3 more threads on each end of the studs. It’s not off by much. I assumed the thickness of the 190’s would cover it.

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