I have a Black with Camel interior Vintage built Widebody Speedster for sale.  This is the very rare in between flared version that Vintage Speedsters made, it is not the Super Widebody flared version.

This is a link to pictures I took in my driveway on 3/10/19. Click here Black Vintage Widebody Pictures

I'm doing something a little different with the car.  I'm offering it for sale right now for $26,500 or I will do a bunch of Outlaw type of enhancements to it and sell it in a couple of months for $29,000.

The car runs great and is beautiful as it sits right now and doesn't really need anything done to it.  So, if it's what you're looking for contact me now, before I start doing anything else to it.

Freeway Flyer Trans
Louvered Deck Lid
11,300 Miles
External Oil Cooler
Calif Title 69VW
Full Tonneau Cover
Stereo AM/FM/CD
Bumper Guards

vanatic99 at yahoo.com


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WNGD posted:

Really nice looking car. Troy, if you ever get a chance to post a wide body vs a super wide body from the rear, that would be really educational for many.

Or I could 

Super Wide Body 1st, Wide Body 2nd and 3rd. There really is a dramatic difference:

Image result for 356 super widebody


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That is a nice looking Speedster Troy. I doubt you will have a hard time selling it. The car sure looks clean and well sorted and it is if the previous owner clocked up 11K miles. It seems so many Speedsters go on the market with less than a thousand miles on them. It makes me think the car probably has issues that make it less than fun to drive. Good luck selling this beautiful car!

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