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Wondering if there are any ill effects to the carburetor performance if one applies the recommended amount of Sea Foam and Star Tron into a full tank of gas? If none can this be done on every tank full? I'm familiar what each is used for, but never had used them together in the same tank.

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I automatically add Star Tron to every tank of Speedster gas year round, and add it to my yard machine gas cans year round, too - Even for the 2-stroke motors.  Haven't had a single carb sludge up since I've been doing that, whereas I used to clean or need a new carb for something every couple of years.

With the Star Tron in there, I always add the clean-out, heavy dose amount to about a 1/4-ish tank in the spring or fall to clean things up for the new season.  Both Speedster and yard stuff get it.  I don't bother with the Sea Foam except as a season opener for whatever I'm dealing with, but I would not believe that it would hurt anything.

I have experienced no problems with SeaFoam,  

Since 2013 I have been using sea foam Nov-Feb when the car is only used on sunny cold days... sits around most Dec-Jan. I don’t use seafoam rest of the year (March- Nov) since car is driven every chance I get ... virtually every week.   I have a standard 1915 Vintage Speedsters built engine, dual 40 Weber carbs. 

also use it on my 1970s Vespa... which does sit undriven ~8 months every year, with a tank of gas.  Never any issues in that front either... but vintage vespa engines/carbs are bulletproof!

I stopped using SeaFoam the second time I nearly burned up my Ducati due to leaking float bowl gaskets. I use ethanol free gasoline in all my vehicles now, with a dose of Stabil in the Beck and the Ducati when I put them up for the winter.

Since I started, it generally takes me about 10 minutes to get the Duc going in the spring, vs half a day before. 

Personally, I think Techron is a better fuel additive than SeaFoam. 

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