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@Impala posted:

These guys have been at it since the 1970’s and do a great job:

Not exactly correct.  That is Newton and he was a partner (and ran our factory) for many years.  His father worked with my father at Puma, dating back to the 70s, but when Dad, Chuck and Newton joined forces in the late 1980s, Chamonix was a furniture factory and Newton knew little about cars.  So, Newton himself has only been in the car game since around 1987 (still a long time) and the first official Beck Spyder made in Brazil was displayed at IMB in 1988.   And don't get me wrong, they built a nice product and over the years the Chamonix name built its own reputation, but it was never on the level I needed it to be.  That is why as I took things over I started doing less and less in Brazil (paint, wiring, interior, etc) and bringing that work in house.  Of course now we're 100% built in the USA in one of my 3 facilities here in Indiana (soon to be 4...)

isn't that the old Beck factory?

Looks like it, although missing the booths and parts cages... certainly our old molds and jigs as well as the old ENVEMO cab molds.  I know Newton was trying to revamp his business under a new name (Athens or something) and was building some kits for one SoCal assemblers.  

Our old tube chassis, at the time, was one of the best out there, but we've far exceeded that with the new chassis/suspension, and the paint/interior that my guys are producing is the best its ever been...

@Jon T posted:

Opening sequence, the maroon speedster…detailed in this article:

This article is more correct than most, although still several things wrong...  the company formed was Chamonix, not Chamonix NG.  I don't recall Chamonix doing much with fiberglass, although they could have, but it was a furniture factory as stated and it was easier to change what a business did that start a new business.  At the time, with no internet, no one cared what the factory was called.  Many many years later Chamonix started selling cars into Brazil under their own name and grew that brand also.

Chamonix NG was a failed revamp around 2012 (IIRC) that lasted for a a handful of years.  It was run by another guy who leased the molds from Newton and "borrowed" the name.  

I'll verify with my father, but I don't think Newton ever worked with them at Puma.  I get it, as my "family" has been in this game since the late 1970s, but I've only been doing it full time since 2003...  I can't take credit for the full 40+ year history since I was in diapers when this all started. ;-)

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