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Hi all. I have broken two standard VW throttle cables. They usually break or pull out of the pedal end.

I have since removed my twin Webbers and have them overhauled, as I was running springs that were too heavy and the workshop suggested the tension on the cable caused by the heavy springs was possibly breaking the cables.

I was wondering has anyone made up heavier custom throttle cables or will my carby overhaul solve the heavy spring used.

The heavy springs have caused the cables to pull out of the crimped end according to the workshop. 

Thanks for any thoughts.


My car is based on a 1963 floorpan.


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That's a new one on me, Bernie.  Did you add the strong springs due to the carbs not returning to idle?  I had that problem for quite a while until I discovered the the nut on the end of the throttle shaft (as opposed to the nut behind the wheel) was just a hair too tight.  I loosened them both by one flat and that solved the problem without adding springs.  Just a thought.

Have you checked that the end of travel position on the pedal coincides with the wide open throttle position?  If the carb linkage hits the WOT stop before the pedal stops you will have enough force with your foot to break the throttle cable after a short period of use.  In other words, the carb stop should not be what is stopping the pedal from going all the way to the floor.  This causes excess stress on the throttle cable.

Also, make sure that the tube for the cable and the pedal are aligned.  If the tube is bent or the pedal assembly is worn, the cable can be pulled against the tube and damaged from the misalignment.

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