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@dlearl476 wrote- "Here's what I did: a $50 eBay catch can..."

What size hoses/fittings are you using? Bigger diameter hose (Gordon used 5/8" on his) will add volume, slow airspeed down and make the breather way more effective.

I posted it somewhere else, Al, but I can’t seem to find it. IIRC, it’s about a foot of 1/2” or 5/8” coming from the fuel pump block-off plate and 1/2” or 7/16” coming from the oil filler neck. (Judging from the pics above, I’m guessing it’s the smaller two. The 1/2 barb fitting came with the van and the 7/16” one I sourced at Ace.  

Yes, it does add volume to the breather, but with the size of my catch-can I don’t know if it makes much of a different.

FWIW, in the three years since I installed it, I have yet to see any oil on the sight glass, so I’m happy about that.

ps: Al, sorry I didn’t see this. Just realized your post was from back in 2019.

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@Carlos G

Get aluminum 8AN fittings, take the valve covers off, drill the holes where you'd like to put them, take them to a guy with a TIG welder, grind off the excess inside the valve cover, paint to taste.

That, all day long. A talented welder will put the valve covers in an oven and heat them up, then do a bead on one, put it back in the oven and do another bead. The job my guy did is superb. Doesn't matter of they're cast or CNC cut aluminum. There's nothing on the inside except a weld bead, which causes zero interference with the rockers.

I did mine that way but did female pipe thread bungs, if I was going to do it again I'd put AN bungs in. I have AN adapters in mine now. I finally did a redo on my breather lines, changing them to nylon braided hose.

It's dusty in there, but you get the idea.20220620_131826


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SO, while I was waiting on my valve covers to be welded up, I got to thinkin. What can I do while I'm under here. So I covered the firewall in aluminum. It was a grand PITA, but I'm happy on how it looks.

Firewall 2Firewall 1

-I added hose clamps for some new fuel lines that will run up the firewall and T at the top. I'm also going to redo my oil lines and clean up the filter/thermo bypass area. I had the fuel line, I could've run them, but the tank was full. I really didn't want to deal with 5-7 gallons of gas.

-I'm not very happy on how my hydro line for the clutch goes about getting to the slave cylinder. I insulated and made new brackets for it for now. A total redo is needed there, but for some other time.

-I also redid my breather box, soldering the seams this time, and venting said valve covers. I was still getting some oil past somewhere. I degreased the bottom of the engine right after this, so It'll be easier to see if I've made it better or not.

-Cleaned up the hydro lines, insulated them in hot spots, added grommets where they exit the firewall.

-Drilled a few holes in my oil filter bracket. Jus because.


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the Pope of Perforation

@Sacto Mitch posted:

. 'His Holeyness'.

Bam. Done. Next?

ALB shall henceforth be know as:

His Holeyness, The Pope of Perforation.

How does he know how many holes to drill and where? He receives divine revelation and inspiration in his vocation of penetration. How does he keep from overdrilling? His education keeps him from mutilation.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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@dlearl476 posted:

I posted it somewhere else, Al, but I can’t seem to find it... Al, sorry I didn’t see this. Just realized your post was from back in 2019.

That's alright, David, I take it as a compliment that you took the time answer my questions.  The fact that in 3 years you have yet to see oil on the catch-can sight glass tells us something- the hoses have enough volume to slow down the oil/air mist enough so the breather isn't collecting oil, and that means the system is working.

And guys- you who have met me know I'm a simple man- while I'm flattered you would think of me in that light, these fancy titles are a little over the top.  I really think I would prefer to be known as "the guy who defied the laws of physics and gravity" (you'll have to thank Robert for that 1)

Funny After years of drilling holes Al is finally able to defy the laws of Physics & Gravity!

And to leave you with something to ponder for the day-

Funny Moose on car

Oh, 1 more thing-

Fuel prices are so high that yesterday I went to the dealership and test drove 3 cars to run my errands- follow me for more money saving tips!


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  • Funny After years of drilling holes Al is finally able to defy the laws of Physics & Gravity!
  • Funny Moose on car
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