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Went down to VMC today to deliver some wind wings to Greg.

He had just received my Spyder body from Mexico today ! Holy Crap !  This is where it starts though. The firewall and front wheel wells are cut out. This partial body now goes in the shop to be temporarily pop riveted to the frame and then sent out to the guy who will build the suspension.

When I looked at it I was a little under-impressed ! I guess I expected it to be more but after thinking about it, it's exactly how it has to "be".....the beginning ! I thought, wow !, Greg has his hands full on this one !  He said he would have this "body" on the frame this week and get it out next week for the suspension. Wouldn't you know ! Right when I'm getting ready to leave for Mexico ! He told me not to worry and made sure that we have each other's phone and email and that it would still have a lot of work to do even when I return.

Anyway, I just thought you guys would like to see how this actually starts ! I was very envious tonight  as I read Stuman"s post about his Suby powered Speedster from Special edition ! Congratulations Mr. Stuman !..........................Bruce


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