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Just a small update on my build. Spoke to Greg at Vintage today. He says my frame and body go to the suspension shop Feb. 1. The body will be temp. mounted to the frame and mock-up engine connected to my transaxle will be installed too.  I believe the suspension shop will be making the assembly jig for the frame and suspension for future builds as well.............Bruce


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@aircooled Bruce I decided to put stuff here rather than drift that other thread20210130_14120020210130_141221

I measured the angle of the grilles at the top, they're 17.5 degrees off of vertical. The back of my car sits a little higher than the front(is on the lift) so it might be 20 degrees. Like I said before, I installed mine straight and you can see them very well from behind, day or night.


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@aircooled You had mentioned Owl Eyes on another post. This is what I did for additional brake lights on my car. I went for the brightest on a budget. I might link them in with my turn signals too. I also made a brake pedal switch to activate them, but I haven't installed it yet. I figured if the master cylinder switch failed, and they do, I'd still have brake lights.

The more ideas you get to see the better.


I had those "old-school" round regular bulb lights on my first Spyder. I bought them at NAPA.I welded some 1" angle iron with short verticals and a longer horizontal right to that same frame member Carlos bolted to. They worked great, lit up the grilles and it was only too obvious for the guy behind to back off.

The second time I chose the LED lights for a hidden look with the same bright function.

They were probably just about the same cost, $8.00 each.

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