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@El Frazoo; @Chris MacDonald and Paul Luse (I think @MarylandGuy) met up with me in Ellicott City & we had lunch on the Manor Hill Tavern's back patio before Chris peeled off and Kelly led me and Paul on a pretty twisty back-road romp north and west of Baltimore City for an hour or so, at which point we parted ways and I got another hour of stick time through some rolling horse country roads.

Weather: 72F, partly cloudy.

Paul took this pic of Kelly waving goodbye to me. Hope he doesn't mind my posting it here.


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I didn't have a group to ride with, but I got out on a BEAUTIFUL day into the northeastern part of Connecticut for some of the fabulous roads in that neck of the woods, making a pit stop at the "Vanilla Bean Cafe", a regular hang-out in Pomfret, CT, for lots of motor heads, both 4-wheel and 2-wheel, no matter the season.

For the second time, as I pulled into the packed, shaded parking area, a bunch of heads turned and I heard someone say, "What the hell is THAT?" as I drove past, looking for a place to park.  I wandered inside and when I came back out there was a bunch of Euro-Bikers (the ones with the custom-fitted leathers and Moto-Guzzi bikes) all huddled around it and no one was anywhere near the Ferrari parked six cars away.

@DannyP - I kind-a sneak in the back way on real back roads through Burrellville, Rhode Island, then take even backer back roads coming into Thompson, CT from the southeast and then a few roads around a reservoir (don't even know their names or the name of the lake) and into Pomfret.  It's like I'm runnin' 'Shine or sumthin'.

So, my favorite nephew (Toby - he's a motorhead from North Carolina) was up a week ago for a funeral so I picked him up with Pearl Sunday morning and we did a Cars and Coffee with Chris and Joshua.  Toby is restoring a '67 Ford Bronco (just like his mom and dad had, once) and he was like a moth to a flame to go see the only pickup truck there, kind-of bypassing the Porsches, a pretty red Alpha like Marty's and a Ferrari or two.  Beauty is in the eye, as they say......

His four boys all have their share of interesting cars, all American muscle, so as it was Toby's first ride in Pearl, I took it easy and talked up how it was just an old '69 VW beetle underneath........  Until we got out on RT 20 and then finally got on the main jets over 4K rpm and saw that he, too, had an enormous SEG....

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