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This was a really nice event !  Tons of cars, mostly VW, and lots of unique and beautiful ones.. There's been lots of VW events the last couple weeks and now we will wait until next Oct for more of them.  

This event was a Swap meet, Car Show and Drags..  Plus I finally found a tee shirt that I could relate to.  Here's some photos with captions.  Enjoy !.......Bruce


Images (21)
  • IMG_6945: June 16 2024
  • IMG_6936: Finally found one !
  • IMG_6937: Beautiful day. in SoCal
  • IMG_6923: Too much time and too much money
  • IMG_6924: Continued
  • IMG_6925: less "wheelies" with this one ?
  • IMG_6926: Very well done
  • IMG_6921: On and On with lots of great cars !
  • IMG_6928: Mr Stubby ??
  • IMG_6927: and On and On.........
  • IMG_6931: and On and On..........
  • IMG_6935: and On !
  • IMG_6942: IV Carrera Panamericana !!  Vintage
  • IMG_6943
  • IMG_6944: Inside the Ghia...  Check it out .
  • IMG_6941: Pat Downs' sort of debut  apart from  CB
  • IMG_6939: Lots of new product vendors
  • IMG_6933: A1   Was there with full force products
  • IMG_6934: Others
  • IMG_6930: At first I thought it was the car show trophys
  • IMG_6931
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