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I'm not using the 15" Airkewled chrome center smoothie rims because I can't come up with a color for the outer rim to go along with the dark gray body paint.

When the body gets back from paint, I'll tape the outer rim on one of the 17" wheels, spray the tape with the body color to see if it had eye appeal.

Do one with the outer rim in a bright chrome powdercoat. I think that will be the winner.

Just a thought, but black on the outer rims would be very outlaw-ish and might solve the visual issue of the short sidewalls. The polished aluminum center and hubs are about 15" in diameter, so maybe it could tick a box?

The 7 x 17 wheels are as new and shod with new Kuhmo's  so maybe the best approach is to try these combo ideas and see if it works visually.....  Just got back from the machine shop that has my buggered up stub axle for a week now with a promise to have it ready tomorrow..... Then I can put the rotors and caliper back on bleed the Neal brakes and see if the calpiers are good.

Edit: Just found out my speedster body will be delayed a week plus as paint guy Tommy took this week off because.... last week he fell in love and headed to Jamaca for this week to consummate the relationship or something along those lines ~

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We had that happen when we were building our house, back in 1978.

Our framers got it closed in and buttoned up and then announced that they were headed to Hawaii for a month to build a house for their brother.  

WAIT....    WHAT????

Super-common. Like SUPER-DUPER-common.

Residential carpenters (even good ones) remind me of John 3:8:

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes".

I once had a carpenter pull off my deck job because, "He was just not getting good vibes". I'd love to live like that for a couple of years.

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I've always overloaded myself, but this was more than 10 years ago, at the peak of trying to keep a dozen or more balls in the air at the same time.

When he said that, I looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language.

He pulled off anyhow. I mailed him a check, and hired another guy to finish. He came back after a couple of months when he ran out of money (I guess "the muse" was upon him again by that point), but the deck was already done.

That was the last time I hired Bob, but even the good guys are pulling off to go do something else, post-Covid.

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Outlaw / Berrien / Mendeola chassis photos....  Had to order special short 15-5/8" torsion drive axles.... and waiting on the body to get back from being painted.

Specs: Berrien 2 x 2 square & round tube chassis extended 8" w/ square sleeves          10 Gauge floors with 2" drop in seat area. VW frame horns w/ narrowed IRS trailing arms. Mendeola suspension w/ tubular A arms, R & P steering. Fox adjustable nitrogen filled shocks w/ QA-1 250 375lb. nitrogen springs, sway bars and kafer bar  Neal disc brakes with aluminum two piston calipers. Built up Type 1 transmission by John Brown  (specs listed previously)  Vintage speed shifter. Auto Stick HD starter.  Moblewagen 5.5  x 15 x 205mm  # 520 P polished aluminum wheels. Tunnel tubes, lines, & tunnel cover hand fabricated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   






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Outlaw update:  Paint guy found a couple of minor issues in the fiberglass that didn't show until the 3rd guide coat so that is being fixed today and final sealer coat before paint. I am pulling the engine from the chassis today ( 72 degrees here :~) need to  make a small Kafer bar anchor point adjustment. The new 185 65 15 tires are on their way ..... Tomorrow I'll bench - prewire the Beck- Special Edition GPS VDO reproduction 356 gauge set . That's about all I can do until the painted body gets here this Sunday .

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"Tomorrow I'll bench - prewire the Beck- Special Edition GPS VDO reproduction 356 gauge set . That's about all I can do until the painted body gets here this Sunday."

Well, you could attach the sensor and a 12V battery to the Speedo and run up and down the neighborhood to see if it works?   Jus' sayin'....    Give your neighbors something more to talk about.   🏃‍♂️

Getting in shape has passed me by, before I kneel or lay on a moving pad on the garage floor, I have an old rolling office chair nearby to grab hold of. it is what it is. Weekly low voltage Acupuncture sessions help greatly with the arthritis.

......Outlaw is in black primer today, the transparent Grigio Silverstone sprayed on Tuesday. 

y .Outlaw black primer 4 [2)



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@Gordon Nichols ...   Using stock tear drop taillights I do cut the opening a bit different from a template I have.

@WNGD  I trailer the bodies 4 -1/2 hours each way to Tom in PA to do the body & paint , the overall job never fails to exceed the very reasonable estimates I get from him but still comes in at half the cost of having it done locally here. His work is 9 plus,so that works for me.

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