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Greg, I pretty much built my entire car on this site -- metaphorically. I don't think anybody here would like anything more than to watch your Spyder come along here also.
We're not Speedster guys here -- we're CAR guys.
And they're SOOOO closely related, it's going to be fun for all of us.

By all means, build it HERE!
Greg---amen to what Cory said. (Not to mention what Danny posted ('Shrinking in your mirror--not likely!" I can verify that!

This site is not strictly Speedsters---this is why the theme of our Carlisle gathering is "Speedsters meet Spyders".

You build that car right here on this site---we are excited about watching your progress.

Lets see some pictures of what you have on hand so far!
Pretty much any car shrinks in Dannys rear view mirror. ;)

Start posting dude! It would be better if you could post bigger pics, and you do have to donate to do that, trust me, your $36 donation will pay for itself a million times over the course of your build. I'm looking forward to watching it. (shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I really want a Spyder)
Let me add to what we've already said, by adding that everyone on this site who was watching my build was also contributing to my morale with their comments.
I was, at one point, about ready to pitch the chassis into my local landfill -- but the enthusiasm of several dozen people here kept me on track. They (we) will be here from the blackest times to the happiest ones, and pretty much any time of the day or night, there's someone who can answer a question.
Now that you've done a Speedster, the Spyder shouldn't generate as many questions -- nonetheless, we're all avid readers and very much delighted to see a new project started.

As my darling wife likes to say, "Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is!"

Build, build, build!


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  • tonneau up no primer II 051706
  • footwell inside dr floor up 060206
  • welding dr side door bar
You meant - ??? our sister site right? Is that what's referred to as the Spyder club?

My point was we all have logins there by virtue of this site plus same servers so not sure why you see speed difference. That site is where Spyders owners would first look for info not here. Just seems organizing it in right bucket or pile would make it easier for those interested to view.
Thanks for the responses guys, well it appears there are enough people who would like to follow my build. Those of you who are not interested can just ignore my posts!

I guess the main reason that I prefer posting on this site is that I have got to know the regulars here, or simply put which guys know what they are talking about and who is full of bull! (you know who you are!)

Down to business.

Day 1
Hi Angela

I am using a locally developed product from Perfect Power. This is a standalone management system that offers every thing from sequential injection through to sequential ignition and just about everything in between. It makes use of the standard crank sensor although we change the standard toothed gear to a 30-1 setup. The camshaft pick up is also modified to have a single tooth.

I will say this, to set up a engine map takes more than a couple of hours, I must have spent at least 30-40 hours on my mapping. Granted I have gone through a learning curve and about 10 hours (tuning Hours) I started again.

The system makes use of a Lambda probe to check mixture and is capable of some basic correction.

I guess if I bought a motor from a wreck and the standard management was available I would certainly consider it as an option, However the local scrap yards want too much for the wiring harness, ignition module (key transponder) and bits and pieces, If I had to guess I could easily spenf somenthing in the region of US$1200 to make use of a 2nd hand standard management system. If I remember correctly I paid something in the region of US$700 for the top of the range management system from perfect power.

I get a lot of satisfaction tuning the motor on the road. I will be taking it back to the dyno to check outputs and under load.

Day 8 - took the week end off! Today sourced some additional parts, namely rose joints and some steel tubing. Ordered steam pipe bends etc to fabricate the new manifold. I Have selected the front calipers and disks. I will be designing the top hat center as an adapeter to make use of the varient type wheels (4 x 130?)

Started fabricating the rear suspension mounting points. Lots and lots of measuring, and measuring again and again. Manufacture a jig from MDF. I will try and remember to steal my daughters camera and leave it at the workshop.

Steal that camera Greg! Here in the states, we can picked up the 2.0 and 2.2 turbos post-crash for about $1500 for a complete car. They goes as low as 400 or 500 but $1500 gets me the whole car any day of the week. If I want the 2.5 turbo, that is a few hundred more.

Our plan is get the whole car.... Some years the harness is a bit more amendable to dismantling, some years are fly by wire, etc. Kind of upsets me that Subaru felt they should integrate the chassis and engine harness. I'm pretty spoiled by Porsche's. The engine wire harness stands alone so you grab the brain, the harness and you're in business...

Anyway, keep us posted on your great project Greg and don't forget those pictures!

Greg, nice to see that you're at it again. I was a bit concerned when you just dropped off like you did. I know that the guys in the SA aircooled site would love to see some updates on this, even though they are a bit snobbish when it comes to replicas.(lol).

I'd love to have a look at this in the skin if possible. Now that mine is up and running it would be nice to cruise with another speedster. Even though it will be way waaaaaaaaaay behind.

Day 11 - I have been waiting for the laser cut engine/gearbox mounts to arrive, well they got here about lunch time and have just finished welding them up an installing them. I had to make a minor change to allow for the oil pan but a grinder works wonders. I have welded them in about 30% just in case they have to be moved later. I cut out one of the old cross members and the other one will come out tomorrow. It is great to finally have the motor and gearbox in there final positions. Progress has been a bit slow for the last couple of days but i have been busy, I drew up the exhaust and turbo flanges on cad (let me know if any body needs the drawings). these arrived with the mounts. I sourced the steam piping for the manifolds and this is a task I am really looking forward to. I want to keep the length of the headers as equal as reasonably possible and short.

It is going to be a challange to fit the turbo, exhaust, silencer and rear suspension. The most important part will be to make it look pretty underneath the cover.

The manifold is about 70% sanded and might be binned! I saw the manifold on the new WRX and it snakes backwards and forwards and looks great, waiting for a quote on one of these.

I collected the rear disks, calipers and the 2nd rear hub. The standard scooby links will not work so I returned theose. These will be fabricated inhouse now.
Sorry for being so quiet, Been very busy with the car. To date i have stripped, welded in the selecta drops, removed the brackets and stops for the beetle steering box and fabricated the mount for the Opel Corsa stering rack. Basically designed a laser cut mount to mount the rack to the front end. The mounts are welded to the tubes allowing the rack to be bolted on. I made no changes to the rack, tie rods or tie rod ends to make it fit!

I cut out most of my new rear suspension, I just felt I could make it more elegant, A significant part of it is now fabricated from laser cut stainless steel, which will be polished. I should have all this welded in by Monday night.

I spent some time planning my front brakes, I went onto Wilwoods site, you guys are sure spoilt for choice over in the States. The cheapest Wilwood caliper I can buy in South AFrica is US$600 each. The calipers I like cost US$185. The also have an ultra lite 11.5" ventilated disk for US$40!

I guess I will be paying a small fortune in shipping costs shortly.

I have been waiting for my hinges to arive and eventually they did. The rears for the clam shell are simply beautiful! Polished Stainless steel complet with grease nipple to lubricate the hinge. The fron door hinges are simply C%$
I managed to find the wheels that I will be using. I will be using the steel rims from a renault megane. This is a 4 x 100 PCD which happens to match the front hubs for my disk brake conversion. The 5 x 100 rear hubs will be re-drilled to 4 x 100 pcd.

My question is as follows: How far out from the edge of the rim should the hubcap be. It is quite possible that for the front i might have to get the width of the rim adjusted for off set, perhaps with a spacer or changes to the rim.
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