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I have 10 all together.

1 sets of 4.
1 sets of 4. SOLD
1 set of 2 SOLD
At least one in each set has some scratches that can be sanded and buffed if you really care that much.

Vintage Motorcars CA puts them on a buffer and sells them for $425 a set.

$225 a set of 4, shipping included in US.
$200 to any Supporting Member

$125 a set of 2, shipping included in US. SOLD
$100 to any Supporting Member SOLD

Ad will be marked as sold when the items are spoken for.



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There are already 4 holes used to mount the fiberglass bumper behind the trim strip.  Two of those are replaced with the studs on the bumperette by drilling thur the deco strip.  They are fiberglass bumpers so weak to start.  Rubber gaskets can easily be added the aren't included in any set of bumperettes I've seen.

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