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Dave:  On the Utah VIN, what does the "P" signify?  That's some sort of sub-class.

I ask because my Massachusetts-assigned Replica VIN is simply "MA #######"

No idea Gordon, my Spyder is the same. CA #######.

On further investigation, it looks like it signifies a passenger vehicle.

It also looks like Utah is making it as complicated as other states to initially register a homebuilt.

Learn something new every day.


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There supposedly was a conference in Colorado or someplace back 8-10-ish years ago attended by RMV officials and Legislators from just about all states, where it was discussed and agreed that registration rules should be more consistent between states (I think the approach was to reduce or eliminate getting "easy" titles and registration in more welcoming states.  So, a multi-state committee was established to determine state laws and which were different/same between states with the intent to make things more "equal".  Some of that we're already living with and some is still coming in some states.

For instance, it is now easier to register a "Hot Rod" in Massachusetts, while slightly harder to register a replica (like a Cobra or Speedster).  That begat some interesting loopholes, like if you use the right major driveline parts from a Mustang in building a Cobra replica, registering the car as a Cobra Replica is pretty easy by referencing the Mustang VIN on the application for the Replica VIN.  Then get it inspected by the State Police to check for stolen parts used and if that and the Mustang parts check out, you're golden.

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