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More and more cars are showing up now that it's getting warmer. Today this one caught my eye. A RatRod with a lot of interesting things. Someone put a lot of time and Beer into this one. It's a 1942 Chevy.  If you use the drinking fountain an airhorn scares the crap out of you and everyone around !   Traffic lights for tail lights ? I love the gas pedal !  Lincoln V-12 engine.  Look closely ! What a Hoot !............Bruce


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  • IMG_3745
  • IMG_3748
  • IMG_3746
  • IMG_3741
  • IMG_3743
  • IMG_3744: "ON" dash clock
  • IMG_3750: "Folgers Generator"
  • IMG_3751: "Put the Hammer down !"
  • IMG_3752: Shifter Boots ?
  • IMG_3753
  • IMG_3758: Ford on a Bowtie?
  • IMG_3742: Gas tank vent with flag on REO saddle tank
  • IMG_3756
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You know, you either need a BIG backyard of junked parts/cars or ready access to one of the few remaining, well stocked junkyards to do that.  And forget it if you live in the “rust belt” where they salt the roads ‘cuz you won’t find old stuff there any more.

I was one of the last car guys to frequent Oscar’s junk yard on St. Helena Island, SC before he sold out and closed after pocketing $2 million in salvage money from the several thousand cars he had in there.  Everything from mid-1930’s cars up to the late  1990’s (and several Packards per year up til 1955).   I was there in the 2000’s and if he trusted you, you could roam about gathering parts from almost anything.  “Car Guy Nirvana”, for sure.

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