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Today was the "Volks-Faire" Aircooled VW only show in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and it turned out to be the largest show of the season, thus far, for any type of car!

I'm guessing at a couple of hundred plus cars scattered around the grounds of the mansion - Sedans, 'Verts, Things, A hoard of Dune Buggies, another hoard of Buses, all three of us Speedster Replicas and a relatively small vendor area (where I stocked up on cork valve cover gaskets).  You Carlisle folks might remember the Pickering families coming for a number of yers - Bill Jr. was there with the family IM, still looking great but sporting Florida tags these days.

Weather was picture-perfect and the attendance of both cars and spectators was great.  Saw "Boston Bob" Elliot from here with his Deserter Dune Buggy, supporting the 50'th anniversary of the deserter with the designer, Alex Dearborne, signing tee-shirts.  Whe I was visiting with Alex (he also has a very cool 1962 original Roadster) who walks over to say hello but Reeves Calloway, an old friend of Alex's and the man behind the Calloway 'Vettes.  There were maybe 15 Deserters there, and maybe 30+ Meyers Manx's

Lots going on there, so I'll just post a whole lot of photos.

The Deserter Dune Buggy Front Row.


Thing centralIMG_0202IMG_0204IMG_0205IMG_0206

Deserters were very stylized:


For you SOC Old Timers, a rare sighting of Tom Canty (TC):


Lots of Manxes showed up, too.


Pearl got infested by Space Aliens....


Camper alley:


This is the style buggy Steve McQueen drove on the beach in the Thomes Crowne Affair:



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Sounds like the labels from "Magic Hat" brewing in Vermont:

Magic Hat

They have a Summer Seasonal called "Seance" that's actually pretty good (it's mildly spicy) but the label is cool, too.  Perfect for a Summer evening watching cloud lightning from the back deck:


The best stuff in south-central New England is from Treehouse Brewing in Charlton, MA.  They have a label reminiscent of the "Whomping Willow" from Harry Potter:


They don't sell to restaurants, sell only 30% of their stock in cans to ten stores and the other 70% is walk-in at the Brewery only, buy a Growler there or bring your own for refill.  The line out front of the store on a weekend is usually 45 minutes.  Weekdays it drops to about 30 minutes.  They frequently sell out, so they've recently bought an entire microbrewery from a bunch of Trappist monks (who made a terrible meade-ish thing that never sold) and will be ramping up production starting just before Christmas.

Ahhhhh.........    Really decent Microbrews!


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Last edited by Gordon Nichols

Ed, we're in the middle of "Magic Hat Country" - Well, actually at the southern end of M-H Country, but New England is a small area, right?

Hey!  For all you Greater New England SOC'ers and/or anyone who might be coming to the area for the Historic races at Lime Rock Park and want to get here a little early and go to a truly wicked cool event, Boston's Museum of Transportation is holding a "Swing under the Stars" night coming up on August 31'st.  

Classic, Pre-WWII cars out on the lawn in the early evening, then a tented event near the Carriage Shed starting at 6pm for dinner (heavy appetizers) with a cash bar and then dancing to the "Wolverine Jazz Band" (with some old members from the "New Black Eagle Jazz Band" if you're from the area and remember that historically great jazz band).  Just like going to Goodwood, without having to buy a $1,000 plane ticket!

Dance lessons are included if your Fox Trott or Quick-Step is rusty (you can even dance the breathtaking "Shag", if you know how (and dare)), and then an evening of dancing under the tent under the stars to one of the premier Dance Bands in the New England area.

Tickets are a ridiculously low $35 per person, which is even cheap by SOC standards.

Here is their announcement:

Look, if you missed your chance to dance under the stars at the famous Ritz Hotel on Arlington Street in Boston before they closed the roof top bar and gardens in 1992, this is about as close as you're ever gonna get to those twinkle-toed days of yesteryear when all the Big Bands played the Ritz.  The Wolverines have a Clarinet player who really sounds like Artie Shaw in his best years, and a trumpeter who puts Harry James to shame.  The Sax section is straight out of Glenn Miller's troupe.  

These guys are good.

This will, I am sure, be THE talked about event of the Summer at Boston's MOT and something you really don't want to miss.

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