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I have put together a list of Replicar people in the Northeast, with the intent of proposing gatherings in our area like cruises, cars and coffee, local shows and, in the case of Justin Stone, a group intervention to help get his car out of the garage and onto the road for this season (after sitting for a couple of years).

If you are in the Northeast, are interested in joining us at events and are not already listed below, please let me know and I'll sign you up.  You'll get a full list of current members, a dedicated group email list as well as access to a google calendar of events that can be accessed from any device.

I'm trying to include events all over New England as we're pretty spread out from the mid-Maine coast west to the Berkshires, east to Cape Cod and south into Connecticut, but I want to include everyone and all events so we can all pick and choose (and there are some terrific events coming up!) and get a small group to show up.  I am looking for more suggestions and, hopefully, we can all add more recommendations and get more of us together.   

The event list will go out to the group later today and we'll go from there.

Here is the current list:


 Doug Barry

Hampton, NH 03542

Darrell Bernier

Taunton MA

Prarit Bhargava

Waltham, MA

Jeff Booth

Abington Ma 02351

Don Buchholtz

Dover, MA   0203

Len Cannizzaro

Burlington, MA   01803

Alex Dearborn

Kittery Pt., ME  03905

Al and Heidi Gallo

Eastham, MA  02642

Tom Marantz

Northampton MA 01060

Don Mylchreest

North Granby, CT

Gordon Nichols

Grafton,  MA  01519

John Nickerson

Belfast, ME 04915

Jon Nunez

Princeton, MA 

Greg Shook

Madison, CT  06443

Justin Stone

Cambridge, MA

Ron Swenson

Charlestown, MA  02129

Peter Venutti

Beverly, MA 01915


Marshfield, MA  02050 

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Jim:  PM me with contact info (address, email address, home and cell #’s ) and short description of your car and I’ll add you to the group.  

The biggest event of the season in the Northeast is the Historic races at Lime Rock over Labor day, but I’ll be promoting the 24 hours of LeMons both at Thompson Speedway (Northeast Connecticut) in August and again at Louden Int. Track in New Hampshire in October.  

Lots of shows all over New England from classics to muscle cars to boats and airplanes.  I’m still compiling a starter list, and then will add more stuff as we go along.  Looks like a great season is shaping up!

I've been going to LRP Vintage Festival yearly since 2006. I only missed last year due to a massive oil leak on the way there. Pretty sure we'll be there again this year, it's only an hour and a half from my house.

Gordon: Lenny lives in Bristol, CT.

I know I live in NY, which is not the Northeast according to some. But am certainly close enough to get there. I can be in Western CT  in 45 minutes.

Selected Upcoming New England Events for July - October


I am planning on attending the Wachusett Mountain “Cars and Coffee this coming weekend. 

 Just remember that it starts at 8am and is smack dab in the middle of the state, accessible to everyone via RT 2 and I-190 or RT 140.   If you don’t know the area, RT 140 goes right by the ski area and is a delightful 356-style road either south down to Shrewsbury and beyond or north up into New Hampshire.  The ski area is about 2 minutes south of RT 2 on RT 140.  

Jon Nunez is hosting a pre-show gathering at his house: 31 Laurel Lane, Princeton MA , at 7:30am for you early risers, so we can then drive the final 2 miles to the show as a "show of force" group.  I may even (be still, my heart) detail Pearl before the show, and the ski area is a very pretty venue.  We'll be in and out by 10:30am so your day won't be impacted much (unless you're coming in from East Zamboogie or something).  You'll be home in time to watch le Tour de France off your DVR.

Here is the website info:

Cool Cars and Coffee Classic Car Show

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area

Princeton, MA   (off route 140 near RT 2)

The next big show in the area is:

July 20  Antique and Special Interest Car Show – Deerfield, MA

Saturday, July 20, 2019 at Yankee Candle Village Rt. 5, South Deerfield, MA. Sponsored by the Connecticut Valley Region of the AACA and VMCCA. All show vehicles are welcome - no cut off year.Registration begins at 9:00 A.M. rain or shine. Best of Show, People's Choice, Top 25, and at least 13 other special awards presented beginning at 2:30 P.M Spectators admitted free.

As of now, I cannot attend this event (this might be subject to change if we get the Westerners to go, too), so who might be going?  You guys in the Western Suburbs?  Tom?  Don?  Lenny?  Beuller?

 I WILL be attending the Volkswagen show on July 28.  So far, Prarit is coming with his Seduction 550 Spyder, which will be a treat if the weather holds, as he and I have never met.  Pretty sure Len Cannizzarro is coming as well, AND fellow member and creator of the Deserter Dune Buggy, Alex Dearborn, for the 50’th anniversary of this iconic Dune Buggy.  I’m sure there will be a big turn-out and the Deserter people are a lot of fun.  Maybe I can get Alex to autograph my hat (Hey….Bruce Meyer signed my other hat!)

So how many more can we get to show up and meet for the first time?  I’ll bug Rich MacKoul to see if he can attend, too.  Tom Marantz attended a couple of years ago and Jeff Booth has been known to show up.  This is a nice, country show (although not as “country” as the one out in Deerfield), well run, decent food (Burgers and Hot Dogs from the “Dog Father” food truck or you can get a “Subway” down the street&nbsp, GREAT Ice Cream and easy to get to from anywhere.  I usually bail around 12 - 1pm, but it goes til 3pm.

July 28 Volkswagen Show at Hebert Candy Mansion, 574 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA

9am – 3pm  Rt. 20, Shrewsbury, MA


 August 3 – 4  Wings and Wheels Festival – Owl’s Head, ME


August 9 – 11  24 Hours of LeMons at Thompson Speedway, Thompson, CT

          The GP DU LAC Chargoggagogg(etcetera)

This is especially good to be there after racing on Saturday evening just to see the cars and teams doing, well, what LeMons racers do!

 August 18  -  Cars and Coffee at Lalajava Coffeehouse

290 W Main St, Northborough, Massachusetts 01532

 August 31 – Sept. 1  Vintage Motorcycle Festival – Owl’s Head, ME

 August 31  10am – 4pm    Unobtanium Open House

14 W. Shore Street, Ravena, NY 12143


Historic Festival 37 & Sunday in the Park Concours & Gathering of the Marques
Thursday, Aug. 29 - Monday, Sept. 2, 2019

Now in its 37th year, the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park has been a time-honored tradition since 1982. Enjoy vintage car racing at its best.

Sept 7– Porschefest at larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA.

Sept 13 – 15 Hemming’s Motor News Northeast Concours

The Festival Commons–Charles R. Wood Park, Lake George, New York

The Rally, limited to just 75 vehicles, remains an integral part of the schedule; however, starting promptly at 11 a.m. on Friday.  It will leave the Festival Commons — site of Sunday’s Concours — and will make a police-escorted trip to historic Fort Ticonderoga located at the southern end of Lake Champlain.

 Saturday brings us the annual Cruise-In Spectacular — an open-to-all-makes/general collector-car gathering (excluding cars invited to display in Sunday’s Concours) beginning at 8 a.m. As has been the case, this preliminary event will take place at Festival Commons, adjacent to Fort William Henry, and will include judging and an awards ceremony at 2 p.m.

 The weekend culminates with our 13th Annual Concours d’Elegance, which will open to spectators at 9 a.m. on Sunday. This year’s premier event will feature the following classes: Prewar Rolls-Royces (1942 and older), Class of 1949, Datsun Z and ZX Cars (240, 260, and 280 through the 1983 model year), Early SUVs through 1978 (Bronco, Blazer, Scout, etc.), Chevy W-Engine Cars, Vintage Race Cars, and Fresh Restorations (reserved for vehicles that have just completed their restorations).

 Sept 15    Cars and Coffee at Lalajava Coffeehouse

290 W Main St, Northborough, Massachusetts 01532

Sept 14 – 15   Foreign Auto Festival, Owl’s Head, Maine

>>>>>>>>>>> I am also adding, yet another, 24 Hours of LeMons race date in Louden, New Hampshire on October 19 - 20, the “Halloween HooptieFest”.  Already have a few non-replica people interested (the Water-cooled side of “Five Cent Racing” and his friends and in-laws, a rowdy biker bunch if there ever was one) so this is looking like it’ll be a lot of fun, too.  Here’s the web info:

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So, reporting back from the Wachusett Mountain Cars and Coffee:

The coffee (from any of the four different tents) was most excellent.

The views of the mountain from the show field/parking lot was also most excellent.

I was up and on the road at the unGodly time (for me) of 6:30am to meet Jon Nunez and his VS before heading over to the show.  Temps were about 70F when I left so I took all back roads to get there and it was glorious driving weather.

Here are some photos of the show:

"The Three Amoigos" - Prarit's Seduction 550 foreground, Pearl behind him and Jon's VS to the right.  That miata on the left had a 5-liter Ford V8 crammed into it.


A couple more vintage P-Cars a little farther back.


Really nice '59 Corvette. Love the green Bug in the background, too.


Yes, I couldn't resist using my eye sunguard that the boys gave me for Christmas.  .That's Casey Nunez on the left, and Jon (red shirt)


Prarit's got a cool plate, too.


This yellow Model A (400) belongs to my biking friend Dave Libby and is beautiful.   He has a roadster and pickup, all around 1930, too.


The Worcester County Model A club was there in force!


Saw this and thought of you Westie Coasters....


One of the three base lodges at the ski area, but it was a big show with maybe a couple of hundred cars there.


Where's Lane?  Nice MGB GT, too.


I was shooting for the ski trail in the background, and the Vette Photo-bombed me.


Yes, Virginia......   There is an engine under all that Plastic.


Had to get a photo of a true 6-man-trunk "Mob Car", all 110 feet of it.


And a few (very few) street rods shwed up, too.


And this lady with her Crosley that she's had since the 1960's.


Absolutely stellar F100


They look good, don't they?


This '53 Frazier won "Spectator Best In Show" and was worth every single vote.


This little guy just looks happy to be anywhere.........



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  • IMG_0155

You know, Lane, you're right.  That's a Metro.  Don't know why I called it a Crosley, other than we had a few Crosleys around these parts when I was a kid - Don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it makes Worcester County pretty unique - There was a guy who sat outside of a popular discount store selling popcorn out of a Crosley when I was a kid.  Most people have never even heard of Crosley cars, or know that all of the Nash Metropolitans were actually designed in the US but made in England by Austin.  

My Mom's BFF from college had Nash Metros for 30 years; Turquoise/White, Red/White, Coral/White, Black/White, all cute little cars that fit her lifestyle, as she was a single Mom struggling to make ends meet and raise her son in the years before it all became "fashionable", and ended up with a son who worked for NASA, helping to design the space shuttles and ISS.  

My fav from the show today was that 1930 Model A pickup from "Crab Apple Orchard".  I had a 1930 Model A "parts truck" used for chasing after parts and stuff when I was building my '46 Ford Coupe street rod back in the very early '70's, but my engine/transmission was all modern.  Still, with something like a 4:56 Model A "torque tube" rear end it really cranked on the freeways.  Looked wicked awesome with a bunch of fenders and bumpers sticking up from the pickup bed, though, and my landlady back then thought it was "cute" and gave me some extra garage space for it.

Lane:  the 'B GT" was one of those rare, Rover(?) V-8 versions, too!

Also, looking back at the photos of Pearl against the backdrop of Jon's car, I am super-pleased with the stance and overall look (I don't actually take a lot of photos of her).  Just what I had in mind when I was dreaming about her back in 1993 - low and sinister looking.  And then there was that poor guy in a very late model 'Vette who couldn't shake me on the curves of RT 140 on the way home and, as he turned off towards somewhere, his right seater gave me a wave and blew me a kiss.  'Vettes don't stand a chance against Pearl.

Kind of like an East Coast, white-instead-of-black "el Guapo" car, don't yah think?  

(and those "Lightening McQueen" eyes really make it..........)     

Upping the level of Bad-assery in Pearl White Cars, too!  Mahalo, my Brutha Jim!


By the way, for those of you who had forgotten, Prarit's Seduction 550 was the car that helped document the Mass. DMV's ridiculous regs for registering a replica built after 2011, while my car did the same for cars built before 2007.  This was a BIG DEAL for us as we've been trading emails, phone numbers, DMV contacts and stuff for a long time but had never met before today!!!!!!!!!!   We'll be getting together again in a couple of weeks for the Volkswagen show nearby and I hope to do a gratuitous "group shot" at that time.    Stay tuned!!!

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Today was the "Volks-Faire" Aircooled VW only show in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and it turned out to be the largest show of the season, thus far, for any type of car!

I'm guessing at a couple of hundred plus cars scattered around the grounds of the mansion - Sedans, 'Verts, Things, A hoard of Dune Buggies, another hoard of Buses, all three of us Speedster Replicas and a relatively small vendor area (where I stocked up on cork valve cover gaskets).  You Carlisle folks might remember the Pickering families coming for a number of yers - Bill Jr. was there with the family IM, still looking great but sporting Florida tags these days.

Weather was picture-perfect and the attendance of both cars and spectators was great.  Saw "Boston Bob" Elliot from here with his Deserter Dune Buggy, supporting the 50'th anniversary of the deserter with the designer, Alex Dearborne, signing tee-shirts.  Whe I was visiting with Alex (he also has a very cool 1962 original Roadster) who walks over to say hello but Reeves Calloway, an old friend of Alex's and the man behind the Calloway 'Vettes.  There were maybe 15 Deserters there, and maybe 30+ Meyers Manx's

Lots going on there, so I'll just post a whole lot of photos.

The Deserter Dune Buggy Front Row.


Thing centralIMG_0202IMG_0204IMG_0205IMG_0206

Deserters were very stylized:


For you SOC Old Timers, a rare sighting of Tom Canty (TC):


Lots of Manxes showed up, too.


Pearl got infested by Space Aliens....


Camper alley:


This is the style buggy Steve McQueen drove on the beach in the Thomes Crowne Affair:



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Sounds like the labels from "Magic Hat" brewing in Vermont:

Magic Hat

They have a Summer Seasonal called "Seance" that's actually pretty good (it's mildly spicy) but the label is cool, too.  Perfect for a Summer evening watching cloud lightning from the back deck:


The best stuff in south-central New England is from Treehouse Brewing in Charlton, MA.  They have a label reminiscent of the "Whomping Willow" from Harry Potter:


They don't sell to restaurants, sell only 30% of their stock in cans to ten stores and the other 70% is walk-in at the Brewery only, buy a Growler there or bring your own for refill.  The line out front of the store on a weekend is usually 45 minutes.  Weekdays it drops to about 30 minutes.  They frequently sell out, so they've recently bought an entire microbrewery from a bunch of Trappist monks (who made a terrible meade-ish thing that never sold) and will be ramping up production starting just before Christmas.

Ahhhhh.........    Really decent Microbrews!


Images (3)
  • Magic Hat
  • seance
  • treehouse
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Ed, we're in the middle of "Magic Hat Country" - Well, actually at the southern end of M-H Country, but New England is a small area, right?

Hey!  For all you Greater New England SOC'ers and/or anyone who might be coming to the area for the Historic races at Lime Rock Park and want to get here a little early and go to a truly wicked cool event, Boston's Museum of Transportation is holding a "Swing under the Stars" night coming up on August 31'st.  

Classic, Pre-WWII cars out on the lawn in the early evening, then a tented event near the Carriage Shed starting at 6pm for dinner (heavy appetizers) with a cash bar and then dancing to the "Wolverine Jazz Band" (with some old members from the "New Black Eagle Jazz Band" if you're from the area and remember that historically great jazz band).  Just like going to Goodwood, without having to buy a $1,000 plane ticket!

Dance lessons are included if your Fox Trott or Quick-Step is rusty (you can even dance the breathtaking "Shag", if you know how (and dare)), and then an evening of dancing under the tent under the stars to one of the premier Dance Bands in the New England area.

Tickets are a ridiculously low $35 per person, which is even cheap by SOC standards.

Here is their announcement:

Look, if you missed your chance to dance under the stars at the famous Ritz Hotel on Arlington Street in Boston before they closed the roof top bar and gardens in 1992, this is about as close as you're ever gonna get to those twinkle-toed days of yesteryear when all the Big Bands played the Ritz.  The Wolverines have a Clarinet player who really sounds like Artie Shaw in his best years, and a trumpeter who puts Harry James to shame.  The Sax section is straight out of Glenn Miller's troupe.  

These guys are good.

This will, I am sure, be THE talked about event of the Summer at Boston's MOT and something you really don't want to miss.

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